9th U.S. Infantry, Company C

Recommended Equipment

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Basic Uniform- to be acquired within 1 year.

Hat- 1883/89 Style with or without Snowflake-F.  Burgess Co.

Hat Brass-'C'-item CW10, crossed rifles- IW2,'9' item IWI3- S& S

Shirt- 1883/89 Wool, Federal Blue Long Sleeved- River Junction Trading Co.

Trousers- 1885/88 Wool, Infantry Style. - Uniforms of Antiquity

Leggings- Ml894 Style- Steve Davis

Shoes- Plain Black style, Preferred are- Ml892 style by Missouri Shoe and Boot Co.

Suspenders- if needed any plain white cotton style.

Rifle and Cartridge Belt

Krag Rifle (Infantry Style) Of Ml892, Ml896, or Ml898- Local gun shop or Gun shows.

Sling,- Military leather style with one Trifoil-M1887- S&S

Bayonet and Scabbard - Paul Milbury or Local Gun or Military Show.

Cartridge Belt- Ml894 Style (is the only accepted style)-James Kanne

Blank Cartridges-.30/40 Krag. Tirn Ketcham

Basic Field Gear- by end of the second year.

Canteen- Ml 878 Style- cover, insulator and long black leather strap- Frazer Bros.

Canteen Cover-Ml878 style-if you have a CW canteen get the cover and strap-Steve Davis

Haversack- M- 1890 Style- Steve Davis

Slings- for Canteen and Haversack- Steve Davis

Rifle Breech cover- for your Krag- Steve Davis

Tin Cup-Ml885 Style- F. Burgess or Frazer Bros.

Mess Kit- MI878 Style or pre 1918 type.  Gun Show or Military Show

Mess Utensils-MI874 style or WWI Style-CH29-Knife, CH32 Fork, CH-33 Spoon S&S

Bivouac Gear- to be acquired as situation permits.

Shelter half- CW style from Blockade Runner

End piece for above- Blockade Runner

Pins and Poles- Made after Quartermaster Pattern

Rope- 6' section of cotton rope- Not Clothes line rope.

Blanket- 1878 Style- Gray in color- U.S. in center-we have stencils

Poncho- CW style from Blockade Runner

Garrison Uniform-optional

Blouse- M1883- 5 button Style from Quartermaster shop

Belt- Ml874 Style-we make them

Buckle-MI874 item #BB36 from S&S

McKeever Cartridge Box- Frazer Bros. or S&S

Forage Cap-MI885- source being located at this time

Hat Brass for above- same as for 83/89 hat.

It is recommended that new members strive to acquire the basic uniform first.  Several members have spare cartridge belts and some weapons for loan at local events.  A period of 2 years is allowed to obtain the Basic Unifoms and Equipment.

Because of the availability of the correct M1894 .30/40 cartridge belt is somewhat delayed, more readily available Milts belts will be permitted.  Likewise the preferred shoe is the M1892 Style Boot, any plain black style is permitted - No wingtips.

An ultimate goal of all members should be to acquire the Garrison Uniform- However this is an option not a requirement.

Some equipment can be obtained from Paul Milbury.  He has been helpful in obtaining Bayonets, cleaning rods, oilers etc.  Contact him with your needs.

Because 100% authenticity is our unit's goal we recommend the following Sutlers


F. Burgess and Co.
200 Pine Place Red Bank, NJ 07701 908-576-1624

River Junction Trade Co.
312 Main St. Box 275 Mc Gregor, Iowa 52157 catalog is $10.00

Uniforms of Antiquity
122 Sweetgum Lane, Mena, Arkansas. 71953 870-389-6308

Steve Davis
7804 W. Alexandria Way, Peoria, AZ  85381-4132  (623) 773-1551

Paul Milbury-Military historical Arms and Antiques
6912 San Fernando Rd.    Glendale, CA 91201

James Kanne-Eureka Arsenal
P.O. Box 1391 Benicia, CA  94510-4391   707-751-1900

Blockade Runner
1029 Bell Buckle Rd. Wartrace, TN. 37183 615-389-6294

Tim Ketcham
15314 Iris Ln- Dumfries, VA- 22026 703 590-4960 evenings

Quartermaster Shop
5565 Griswold Road, Kimball, MI. 48074

S&S Firearms
74-11 MyrtleAve.  Glendate, NY. 11385 718-497-1100

Frazer Bros.
5501 So.Lamarr Dallas, TX 75206 214-696-1865 (email them by clicking here)

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