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Travis E. Congdon

Santa Fe F7 engine
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My interests are my church, fixing up our house with my wife, and N scale model trains.

My wife and I taught the 2 year old's class in Sunday School for over 12 years. The average attendance was about 11. We now work with the AWANA club program. We really enjoy the children. They are such of a blessing. I also work with the Men's Ministry Team and what a joy I get from it.

Other interests are spending time with my grandson, camping, fishing, wood working & domino topples.

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I have a N-scale (1/160 scale) model train layout. I model no particular era nor any particular area. The main line is Santa Fe. The layout is approximate 5 scale miles long. Ranging from big city to farm land to mountains and to small towns. The layout is against three walls and tunnels through the closet wall. My new added section tunnels through to the next room in a canyon called Rock Canyon then goes around that room into the closet and back.

A scratch built 450' scale bridge goes across the window with two tracks. I have been building the layout since 1991. Some areas are completed except for fine details. Other areas have not even been started.

I run a Santa Fe Super Chief passenger train using 3 PA engines, A#53 B A#52 units made by KATO. All units are powered. Pulling a RPO #3407(Rail Post Office) car from KATO, a full baggage car #3431 by Concor, a half baggage car by Riverosi/Atlas, 2 sleeping cars (Palm Leaf, Palm Arch) both by Concor, a slumber coach (Buena Siesta) by KATO, a dining car #1481 by KATO, a pleasure dome car by Concor, a full dome-observation car by Bachmann, 2 coaches (#2892 & #2881) both by Concor and an end observation car #3240 by KATO. My goal is to have all the passenger cars lighted so I could run it at night in the dark.

Other trains include a Santa Fe freight train, consisting of many different types of box cars. A small coal train; a small tanker train; and when things go wrong, one work train.
My newest is 2 Atlas Santa Fe B23-7 locomotives. With my two older Atlas engines I have pulled 45 cars with them without any problems. When I have that many cars, the train goes along two walls. What an impressive sight. My ulimate goal for my layout is to have almost every building with lights, street lights, and crossing signals with working flashing lights. This way I can turn the lights out at night and watch my layout and trains run like it is real night time and everything works. Including car lights and animation.
Born in Albuquerque, NM. raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Graduated from
Widefield High School.

Raised as a Southern Baptist and attend
Pikes Peak Park Baptist Church.

At age seven I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

An Invitation

Married my wonderful wife Nancy in May of 1991.

My trade is cabinetry and woodworker. I an now working for a small cabinet shop.


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[email protected]

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A few years ago I had an idea when my boss was getting rid of some 3/8" MDF (medium density fiber) board. I brought it home and made (blank) dominoes out of them. I now have over 5000 dominoes of different colors and have used them in the AWANA program at church. I section of the floor and have the children set up dominoes anyway they want. I then connect the sections and we have one big domino topple. I have added several slides, ladders, steps, pedilums, and plinko board and many other fun tricks. Click here to watch a video of the latest domino topple I did with Pikes Peak Park Baptist Church Awana T&T kids. �If you are interested and want more information please contact me at [email protected] I now have four videos on YouTube of some of the domino topples I have done in the past. ��Please check out my domino page

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