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5 Light Regiment RNZA

5 Light Regiment RNZA was a unit of the New Zealand Divisional Artillery (Div Arty). It was established to provide a battery in support of each infantry brigade of the division. Each infantry battalion could then be supported by a troop of mortars.Tac sign

The Regiment was formed in 1949 from Territorial and Regular Force members with its headquarters in Wellington and batteries in Petone, Napier and Gore. In 1956, the Adjutant, Lt Don Kenning, moved the Regiment to Southland with its Headquarters in Invercargill, at which time the North Island Territorial members were re-assigned to other artillery units or re-mustered into the infantry. The regimental structure was then:

  • RHQ    (Invercargill)
  • 51 Bty (Gore)
  • 52 Bty (Invercargill)
  • 53 Bty (Invercargill)
Each battery consisted of three troops. The Regiment was equipped with 36 4.2-inch mortars. These had a maximum range of approximately 4000 yards, so it was necessary to deploy mortar troops within battalion areas.

Commanding Officers:

  • Lt Col J P Snedden MC (Wellington)
  • Maj Vin Skilton MC
  • LtCol David Mercier (Dunedin)
  • LtCol Perry Adank (Invercargill)


  • ?
  • Lt Don Kenning
  • Lt John Horsford 1957-60
  • Lt John Gatley 1960-61

During the late 1950s,

  • RSM Bruce Tolson
  • BSM 51 Bty Ian (Slim) Cunningham
  • BSM 52 Bty Spencer Morrison
  • BSM 53 Bty ?

While in the North Island, the Regiment trained around Tihoi and Waiouru; the South Island training area was at Tekapo Camp.

The Regiment was disbanded in 1964 during a reorganisation of the Artillery in New Zealand.

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