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Guns around Auckland

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Albert Park, Auckland

7-in 7-in RML 64-pr 64 cwt Mk 3 originally mounted in 1885 at South Battery, Fort Cautley, North Head, Devonport.

7-inRML 7-in. Originally mounted in 1885 at Fort Cautley, North Head, Devonport, and dismounted in 1904.

Canon NZ Ltd

RBL 6-prRBL 6-pr Armstrong gun restored by Graeme Champion, stands outside Canon NZ Ltd.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

BL 4-in Mk 7BL 4-in Mk 7 ex-HMS New Zealand.
A 25 pounder complete with dial sight is on the second floor. Also present is a captured Japanese piece.

Akarana Yacht Club

SBML 18-pr Russian SBML 18-pr, a war trophy from the siege of Sebastopol, Crimean War. Now at Akarana Yacht Club, Auckland. A near-identical gun is at the Army Memorial Museum, Waiouru.


This Oto Melara 105-mm stands outside the RSA in Swanson, West Auckland.


Anti-aircraft gun stands outside the Hobsonville RSA.


Twin 4.5 inch Mark V ex HMNZS Taranaki on display outside a scap metal dealer's yard in Penrose, Auckland. (c. 2000)

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