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Guns around Auckland's North Shore

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HMNZS Philomel, North Shore

64-prThis RML 64-pounder 71-cwt stands outside the Wardroom at HMNZS Philomel. Originally four of these were at Fort Victoria in Devonport. The NZ Government purchased them in 1885 after they had been declared obsolete by the Royal Navy in 1879.

This gun is also mounted outside HMNZS Philomel.

North Head and South Head

The only guns remaining on North Head are an 8-inch disappearing complete except for breech mechanism, the barrel of another cut up into three pieces, and the barrel of a 6-inch taken from Fort Bastion.

BL 8-in Armstrong on Armstrong disappearing carriage. South Bty, South Head. Now 9 Coast Regiment Memorial Saluting Battery.

QF 18-pr Mk 1. 9 Coast Memorial Saluting Bty

BL 6-in Armstrong ex-Fort Bastion, Auckland.


SBML 24-prSBML 24-pr howitzer now at the Naval Museum, Devonport. It was once at the Army Museum, Waiouru, and at Fort Britomart.

A 4 inch naval gun located at Devonport. It was used operationally on F517 Tutira, a Loch Class frigate, in service with the New Zealand Navy 1949-51. Located behind the gun is a naval mine as used in the Hauraki Gulf during World War Two and the navy's newest Frigate Te Mana with its 5 inch gun.


25-pr field gun outside the RSA, corner Northcote Rd and Mary Poynton Pl. Previously part of the Civic Memorial at The Strand, Takapuna

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