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Check out the site map to get an idea of what is here. The site is divided into the following areas:

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Read the terminology if you have difficulty understanding some of the technical terms.

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Home takes you to the main page that you see when you visit the website. It gives an idea as to the content of the website.

Docs contains free downloadable documents in pdf format. It includes a link to the Adobe© site to allow those without the pdf reader to download it for free.

History The jewel in the crown. Our extensive history section contains articles of relevance to NZ artillery from early times to the present day. Articles can be divided broadly into

  • equipments, ie guns and howitzers and mortars and other things that go bang
  • NZ artillery history including regimental histories
  • customs and traditions
  • ranks and appointments

Links Our Links page will take you away from this website into areas of similar interest.

Photo Gallery The photo gallery shows snapshots of events involving NZ artillery.

Poetry & Songs contains poems and songs used by NZ gunners or written by them.

Tales delivers you to the Tales From The Trails section, a collection of accounts, anecdotes and ditties from NZ gunners from World War 1, World War 2, the occupation of Japan, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, peacekeeping and peacetime.

Units provides an easy way of finding information on this website about NZ artillery units and sub-units. NZ has had over 30 regiments and many dozens of batteries, along with depots, schools and the directorate. There is a list of all the units mentioned on this site.

If you are interested in, say, New Zealand in World War Two, read accounts about it in Tales and find out about the organisation of New Zealand's defences in Units and even more details in History.

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