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Canadian Armour in WW2
Canadian Armour
Simply speaking, Canada was NOT in the armour business in 1939. This was to change rapidly, as industry scrambled to provide for our own troops as well as bolster Britain's badly-depleted forces after the debacle at Dunkirk. From Ford came the Universal Carrier, the Windsor Carrier and the Lynx Scout Car; from GM came the Fox Armoured Car, the Otter Recce Car and the C15TA. Montreal Locomotive Works produced the Ram, Valentine and Sherman Grizzly tanks. 
In addition, the Canadian Army Overseas used a wide variety of British and Lend-Lease vehicles, including the ubiquitous Sherman, halftracks, T-16 Carriers, M3A1 Scout Cars, Stuarts, and various Humber and Daimler scout, armoured and recconnaissance vehicles. Some of these were occasionally modified in unique ways to serve the needs of our fighting troops.
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