Rob Roy (about a son of the famous Rob Roy) with very loud, somewhat irritating music triggered automatically.

Capercaillie who produced the music for the MGM picture.

The Lyrics to "Ailein duinn" (the Gaelic song in the MGM movie). Alas no English translation.


Rob Roy Plaid from Tartan Web. Buy a high-quality replica of the tartan worn in the film and woven by the same weaver. Their page also includes a brief history of the MacGregor clan.

Rob Roy shield from Scottish Swords & Shields.

Ebay Rob Roy movie press kit.

Ebay Rob Roy MacGregor: Rogue or Romantic Hero? used book by Gilbert J. Summers.

Ebay 1933 Rob Roy Tobacco Card.

Ebay Ad for Disney's "Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue."

Tour and travel agencies

Rob Roy Tours.

The cocktail


About.com's drink recipe.

Places and organizations named after Rob Roy

Rob Roy Pipe Band and Highland Dancers, Ontario, Canada.

Bar: "Rob Roy" ("We install and service hangovers.")

Web Archive: Rob Roy Inn, Erin, Ontario.

Web Archive: Pictures of the Rob Roy glacier in New Zealand.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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