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Official MGM site. Includes a very full and interesting "About the Production" , a media section with clips and cast interviews, and information on Rob Roy Legend of the Mist an interactive CD-ROM for those interested in exploring the movie.

Amazon. Rob Roy VHS. Also available in DVD.

Interpretations and opinions

"Lies Mel Gibson Told Me" by Laura Lind for the Eye. Historical errors in both Braveheart and Rob Roy.

Rob Roy vs. Braveheart from MacBraveHeart an enormous Braveheart fan site. [ mirror ]

"Rob Roy Storms Inverness! The impact of Hollywood on Scotland" by John O'Groats. Acute but not unfriendly analysis of the interference created between reality and fantasy. His comments on the movie Highlander gave me chuckles:

In what had to be one of the movie business's most ridiculous pieces of fantasy, in the original Highlander movie Christopher Lambert the Frenchman played the Scot, joined by Sean Connery, the Scot, playing an Egyptian. With a Scots accent of course.

"National and Transnational Scottish Identity: Hollywood and Beyond" abstracts of two panels, with a number of mentions of Rob Roy, mostly dealing with the familiar issues of myth and reality, colonization and nationalism.


Roger Ebert for the Chicago Sun Times.

Strange. I thought I had seen enough sword fights in movies to last a lifetime, but I was wrong. The sword fight in "Rob Roy" reinvents the exercise, and the movie itself brings hot red blood to the costume genre.... The sword fighting sequence, staged by William Hobbs, is the best of its sort ever done. In most movie sword fights, the participants leap about effortlessly, their blades shimmering and clashing. Here we get the sense of the deadly stakes, and the great physical effort involved.
Ebert describes Sir Walter Scott as "a world-class overwriter who in his time was compared to Shakespeare, and in ours to Danielle Steel."

Washington Post by Desson Howe.

It becomes clear soon enough that "Rob Roy," starring Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange, is a period-piece crock, an over-the-top soap opera set in the windblown land o' heather.

Epinions has a number of reviews which you can rate and add to.

James Berardinelli, "sure to be one of 1995's most absorbing and exhilarating epic adventures"

Web Archive: Tucson Weekly by Zachary Woodruff. Argues that Liam Neeson's role was primarily motivated by "male menopause."

Web Archive: Joan Ellis for "Nebbadoon." Ellis was described by Newsweek as "The Pauline Kael of the Internet"

Edwin Jahiel for the News-Gazette, a professor of French and Cinema Studies, thinks the cross-cutting between the clan gathering and the murder of Macdonald is "artsy."

Web Archive: The Movie Connection by an unknown author who thinks there was too much sex.

Fan sites

Rob Roy - Scotland Location Guide. Includes movie stills, non-movie photographs and brief descriptions of the locations where Rob Roy was shot. Many of the images are sadly fuzzy. site, including the movie stills, the trailer (postage stamp size), other videos (in strange but interesting formats).

Web Archive: Maeve's Rob Roy fan page. Movie stills. Also has a Braveheart page.

Another, sparser clip and trailer site (

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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