Larger biographies

Web Archive: Jock Watson's detailed biography of Rob Roy . Though lacking a bibliography, this is to my mind the best out there.

Amazon. Rob Roy MacGregor : His Life & Times by W. H. Murray. Three online reviews, including:

W.H. Murray has given a well-researched, well-documented look at highland life that enables the reader to step into the shoes (or lack thereof) of the Scottish highlander. Everything from the clan structure, rivalries, English oppression, how to carry a handful of oats dipped in a stream for daily ration; it's all there.
Blurb and brief excerpt from W. H. Murray's Rob Roy MacGregor.

Undiscovered Scotland biography. Nicely hyperlinked and detailed.

Frequently Asked Questions about the historical Rob Roy from Stronvar House an inn described as "a Country House Hotel on the shore of Loch Voil overlooking the Braes O' Balquhidder in the heart of Rob Roy country." See the History of Stronvar House, owned by Ian Dubh MacGregor until his death in 1603.

Related subjects

Web Archive: "A Slice of Highland History," background information on the clan system and the persecution of the Gregors in the 16th and early 17th century. From The Gathering of the Clans

Web Archive: The Clan Gregor from The Gathering of the Clans.

Web Archive: The Clan Campbell (Rob Roy's mother's clan and the clan he was forced to take up) from The Gathering of the Clans.

"The Jacobite and Cary's Rebellions" from About.com.

Web Archive: "Culloden: April 16th, 1746" Web directory from Famous Scottish Battles - the whole truth!

International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Pocket biographies

Web Archive: "Rob Roy: Highland Hero" a short but good biography from The Gathering of the Clans.

Scottish Historical Figures: Robert "Roy" MacGregor from the Scotsmart web directory. See also their History of Strathearn, 1700 -1746 with information on the Jacobites, Rob Roy and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Wikipedia: Robert Roy MacGregor. The entry is improving, so go and give it a hand. They also have pages on Scott's novel and a short one on the Liam Neeson movie.

Web Archive: Famous Scots short bio and links.

Famous Scotts: Rob Roy MacGregor from the elegant and jam-packed See-Scotland.com. The also have a page on Sir Walter Scott.

Short bio from the Clans and Tartans of Scotland.

Web Archive: Brief bio of Rob Roy , with beautiful photo of Balquhidder, by Blythe Spirit.


Web Archive: More genealogical information by John Ward.

Rob Roy's grave at Balquhidder Church, Perthshire, Central, Scotland. Photos courtesy "Find A Grave"

"Rob Roy -- Miscellaneous." A brief bio, the Rob Roy tartan and suchnot.

Web Archive: Larger tourist photo of Rob Roy's grave taken by the Hunt family. See their other British images.

Web Archive: Genealogical information.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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