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Serbo-Croatian: Gay Serbia on Judith Butler, American gender-critic. I can't read it, and there are no Serbo-Croatian translation machines available, but it includes a run-down of pre-Photoshop Mona Lisa mods, ie., Duchamp, Dali, Descheidt, Bezzola, and Botero.

La Joconde se décline - à lire, à voir, à écouter . Detailed Mona Lisa site in French. I didn't explore this enough, mostly because the scrolling arrows don't work in my browser. The first paragraphs in each section are good. That said, I think the best part is the Mona Lisa versions game. Watch one of the various versions appear; stop it when you know which artist it is.

Jocondodrioles, a wonderful French collection of Monalisanalia. Highlights include a "stretching" applet on the top page. Of the galleries, some are just simple Photoshop tricks. The Célébrocondes gallery is a good collection of famous re-dos.

Historia de una Sonrisa . Good review of its making and history, in Italian, with some subsequent versions. Translate

The Mona Lisa in literature

Amazon. Mystery of the Mona Lisa by Rina De' Firenze

Amazon. Choose Your Own Adventure: The Mona Lisa Is Missing by Ramsey Montgomery, R.A. Montogomery.

Review from the Choose Your Own Adventure review page. "This book isn't that great!"

Review by Demian Katz. Negative.

"The reader is left in the background all too often, working from other people's clues and often stumbling upon the thieves only to be shoved aside so that the authorities can take care of things."


The Mona Lisa crater, on Venus.

Ristorante-Pizzeria Mona Lisa, Scharbeutz, Germany

Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant, San Francisco, CA.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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