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For educators

Transforming Mona Lisa from Art/Technology teacher Olejarz's, Eisenhower Middle School, Wyckoff, NJ. Some advice on how students can make their own Mona Lisa, and a wonderful gallery of student's work. Although none are technically superior, there's some real creativity in "Egyptian Mona" and others. Olejarz has similar projects on Munch's The Scream and Wood's American Gothic.

Teacher's Guide to "Mona Lisa Images for a Modern World" by Robert A. Baron, from Mona Lisa Images for a Modern World, .

For kids

Amazon. Katie and the Mona Lisa by James Mayhew.

Review article "Images and Icons: The Making and Unmaking of Pictures for Mass Consumption" by Robert A. Baron, Visual Resources (2001).

"This imaginary world demonstrates to children, but with equal importance, also to adults, that the life of the four-sided images of the history of art extends beyond their mitered dominions and flows through our subconscious imaginations."

Ages 5–8: Amazon. Mona Lisa: The Secret of the Smile by Letizia Galli, illustrated by Nicholas B. A Nicholson, a picture-book biography.

By kids

The Many Faces of Mona Lisa at Farmwell Station. Virginia middle school has students making their own Mona Lisas. "PunK Mona," "South of the Border Mona (with sombrero and serape)," "Marlon Brando" Mona and other are mentioned, but there aren't any good pictures online!

Madison County Alabama elementary student's work, including four Mona Lisas. Class taught by Bonnie Henley.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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