Mona Lisa Fun!

The Interactive Mona Lisa. Make her smile, scowl and frown. From the the Paris Museum Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

Optical illustions from the Exploratorium.

Klaus Schröer's Fake-Lab, "Where Fakes Come True." Mr. Schröer offers to make fake photographs, for pleasure or business. One of his examples is Katy as Leonardo's Mona Lisa.

Did you know? (trivia) from Mona Lisa Exposed (Tufts University).

Mona Lisa dancing Flash movie from San Diego Screen Savers.

Mona Lisa Flash movie with four buttons, which cause her to sing or otherwise folllow along with an Italian song. I have no idea what the song is saying, but, at least without knowing that, it's incredibly boring.

Making over Mona by Ron Robinson. I loved this one. Apply botox, collagen, cemical peels and nose and breast surgery, and see what happens. The best feature, however, is surely the "Randomona!" button.

Elvis' Hair on the Mona Lisa and other optical illusions from The Exploratorium.

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