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Eastern Front th July The Kursk Region th July Kursk - Prokhorovka Detail
Eastern Front, 5th July 1943
688 x 932
The Kursk Region, 5th July 1943
688 x 932
Kursk - Prokhorovka Detail
473 x 594
Kursk - Prokhorovka Detail - Home-made Kursk - Rail and Bridges Soviet counter-offensive at Prokhorovka
Kursk - Prokhorovka Detail - Home-made
718 x 959
Kursk - Rail and Bridges
982 x 660
Soviet counter-offensive at Prokhorovka
510 x 370
Circle of Death stage Circle of Death stage Circle of Death stage
"Circle of Death," stage 1
630 x 356
"Circle of Death," stage 2
632 x 360
"Circle of Death," stage 3
632 x 360
Soviet tank IS- Soviet tank T- Situation on the end of July  and German plans for July  Russian map
Soviet tank: IS-1
640 x 348
Soviet tank: T-34
640 x 348
"Situation on the end of July 09, and German plans for July 10." (Russian map)
1664 x 1573
Situation on  July  at Prokhorovka direction Russian map Operations atProkhorovka direction Russian map Opponents deployment on the end of July  and plans on July  Russian map
"Situation on 4:00 July 10 at Prokhorovka direction" (Russian map)
1608 x 2205
"Operations at�Prokhorovka direction" (Russian map)
1560 x 2188
"Opponents deployment on the end of July 11 and plans on July 12" (Russian map)
1377 x 2153
Meeting engagement of the th Tank Corps Russian map Opponents objectives on July  Russian map Combat OperationshellipJuly  Russian map
"Meeting engagement of the 18th Tank Corps" (Russian map)
1131 x 750
"Opponents objectives on July 12" (Russian map)
1554 x 2211
"Combat Operations…�July 12" (Russian map)
1509 x 2172
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