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Computer Gaming

Trial download: Windows/Pocket-PC game "Kursk" trial-download from Game Energy (screenshots). Also available on CNET.

Rise of Nations (computer game), Kursk Scenario by DarthVeda.

Tabletop Gaming

Combat! Kursk from Critical Hit. Refight the crossing of the Psel on a tank-by-tank basis, "down to the individual MG 34 crew and Russian Molotov Cocktail."

Prokhorovka scenario for armor figurines, with rules, charts and maps, from the Bylandt/Red Barons Wargame Club in Belgium.

Battlefront: WWII scenario for Kursk, by Steve Curtis, from Fire And Fury Games.

Brief summary, with game scenario for the "Dream Pod 9" RPG.

Clash of Titans: The Tank Battle for Kursk, 1943 from Critical Hit.

Combat Kursk: Clash Along the Psel, 1943, scenario for the Advanced Tobruk System, from Critical Hit.

Foreign Languages

Swedish pocket history.


Axis History Forum with some discussion of who won.

Discussion of the best Kursk books from a Miniatures forum.


Midas Tours offers a Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk tour.

Three Wales travel also has a Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk tour.


The wolf by the ears: The Battle of Kursk. A proposal for a television documentary by David R. Higgins. It includes a screenplay and storyboards. There is also an excellent Kursk Bibliography.

"Remember the Kursk, today and yesterday" by Don Sloan, ties the loss of the submarine Kursk with the Battle of Kursk, from the People's Weekly World Newspaper, a surreal media outlet.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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