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For educators

Resource Guide for Teachers to the The Legacy of Chingiz Khan (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Ties this wonderful exhibit to California's 6th grade curriculum. Includes an excellent bibliography, Mongol family tree and map.

Genghis Khan webquest by Joseph Greer, from A Webquest of Webquests.

For kids

Learn about Genghis Khan at This site intends to teach students about the life and conquests of Ghengis Khan, but the all links to the resources do not exist.

eBook: Genghis Khan by Judy Humphrey, with introductory essay on leadership by Arthur Schlesinger (?). eBooks... why?

Disney's Scrooge cartoon series apparently featured Genghis Khan.

By kids

Web Archive: Andrew, Jonathan and Nick made a paper-maché Genghis Khan (pictured), and accompanied it with a short bio.

Genghis Khan by Niki J., 6th Grade student in Birmingham, Alabama.

Report on Genghis Khan by Cody Bartholomew, 10th grade.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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