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Abstract sculpture "Genghis Khan" by Phillipe King.

Bronze statuette: Genghis Khan, King of Tartar by Antoine-Louise Barye (1795-1875). Reproduction for sale.


Iron Maiden did a song called "Genghis Khan." Searching for the lyrics? Here's dozens of pages that say they have the lyrics, but it's... instrumental.

Dschinghis Khan (Genghis Khan in German), unofficial Austrian homepage to the German disco band.

Genghis Khan drummer figure, on, from a line of toys related to "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." I saw that movie, but I don't remember Genghis Khan in it.

Novels and short stories

"The Private Life of Genghis Khan" by Douglas Adams. Variations on a humor theme—modernizing Genhis Khan in an absurdist way. Some will find this hysterical.Personally, I've never understood why people find Adams so funny. De gustibus...

Heart of The Dragon, by Erick Anton, a two-part novel about 13th century China, including the conquests of Genghis Khan. If Anton really wants to get noticed and published, he might consider removing the page about his DNA (he believes angels have given him 1/3 more of it).

Military Miniatures and Figurines

Painted lead figure by Adrian Bay, from here.

Mongol cavalry miniatures, painted by Steve Barber, for Steve Barber Models. I think the dust is a Photoshop effect; it looks great nonetheless.

The sculptor Gary Hunt has a number of Mongol-related figurines in his portfolio, but his figure website is closed.

Spanish language site with a Genghis Khan figurine.


The "Genghis Kahn" [sic] font from I've got this font.

The Sword of Genghis Khan from "Aceros de Hispania" (also in Spanish). Besides the sword-for-sale, they have a short biography with two striking—not good per se—modern pictures.

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