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Khan, with chips and salsa. I'm glad my haloween pictures aren't on the internet.

Marty / Genghis Khan at the 2003 Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Self-help and business advice

Why Genghis Khan Was So Successful by Mick Yates, from "Leaders Value." The first page gives fairly standard, if debatable, character noodling. The second asserts that "Genghis Khan actually used the 4 E's of Leadership, even if he didn't know it!" These are, of course, envision, enable, empower, energize. It's comforting to learn the same virtues were employed by Pope John XXIII.

Genghis Khan is somehow implicated in this company's computer-assisted decision making process. Historical analysis taken from—mirabile dictu—Michner's novel Poland. .

Web Archive: "Young Japanese see Genghis Khan as great boss" Associated Press 1997.


Genghis Khan Gerbils site by Mongolian gerbil enthusiast Eddie. Cute site, even if it has nothing to do with Genghis Khan...

According to this page Genghis Khan owned a ferret. (Also Queen Victoria; it seems DNA isn't the only thing they share.)

"Genghis, what is the best in life?"

Genghis Khan and the Mongol armies lived off yogurt.


Kansas City's "Genghis Khan" Mongolian barbeque. They have a short bio (better than many).

Seatle, Washington.

Wellington, New Zealand.

Computer games

Dual of Ages computer game, character Genghis khan.

1988 Amiga computer game "Genghis Khan." Review by John Burns.

Amazon. Temujin: A Supernatural Adventure . Interesting-sound game. Player is trapped withing a museum holding Genghis Khan's remains. On reviewer finds the puzzles contrived.

Genghis Khan II videogame.

Link lists

Virtuology.com. Most are broken, but I got a lot of good Wayback links from here.

Other eponymous

The Academy of Chinggis Khaan, Mongolia fights the good fight—promoting Mongolian education, democratization and a true open society. That said, I must smile at their determination to "eliminate interruptions and breaks in Mongolian sciene and create new creatures." Um, inventions?!

The bottom of the pile

A crap "free essay" biography. Students, don't use this. If you do, know that also exists here and here (particularly crapped-up), and even some other places. Teachers search the web too...

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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