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The Duel

The Hamilton/Burr duel | Dueling in America

The Hamilton/Burr duel

Amazon. "The American Experience: The Duel."

Official site "The American Experience: The Duel." Premiered February '00. Includes a complete transcript, a detailed timeline, unaired interviews with historians, a bibliography and more.

Booknotes: Interview with Arnold Rogow, author of A Fatal Friendship: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Includes a transcript, and a classroom guide. Includes much on dueling and the fatal due.

A Tragic Duel, from "This Day in History." Brief account with links to other Library of Congress resources.

Web Archive: "Aaron Burr Demands Satisfaction From Alexander Hamilton" by Paul Chrastina from Old News. History article written as news. Despite the title, the article covers the duel and its aftermath.

Web Archive: Hamilton - Burr: Was the duel rigged? Short page discusses unusual trigger modifications.

Web Archive: "Dueling as Politics: Reinterpreting the Burr-Hamilton Duel" by Joanne B. Freeman for the William and Mary Quarterly, April 1996.

Dueling in America

Details on Alexander Hamilton's son, Philip Hamilton's fatal fuel from The American Experience: The Duel, official site.

The History of Dueling in America, from The American Experience: The Duel, official site.

Code Duello: The Rules of Dueling. Irish rules reprinted from American Duels and Hostile Encounters (1963) at The American Experience: The Duel, official site. There were a number of American handbooks they could have used.

"Bang! Bang! You're Dead" Dueling at the drop of a hat was as European as truffles, and as American as mom's apple pie." Longish abstract of article by Barbara Holland for Smithsonian Magazine, October 1997.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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