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Biographical Issues

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Alexander Hamilton and the Constitution, from The American Experience: The Duel, official site.

Outline comparison of Hamilton and Jefferson from Steven Schoenherr's American Civilization class at the University of San Diego. See also his Objections to Hamilton's Financial Program.

Hamilton reading. Pithy quotes on Hamilton collected by Maxine N. Lurie, Seton Hall University.

Revolutionary War service

Brandywine Battlefield summarizes Hamilton's service.

Alexander Hamilton, Continental Congress Report on a Military Peace Establishment, 18 June 1783. From The Founder's Constitution.

The National Bank

Web Archive: Alexander Hamilton: "For the Bank" (Feb 23 1791) from Ernie Alston's Hamilton page. Argues for the constitutionality of the National Bank of the United States. Includes brief introduction.

A different, slightly shorter selection is available from The Founder's Constitution.

James Madison Debates the Constitutionality of a National Bank. Madison argues against Hamilton's Bank.

A Brief History of Central Banking in the United States by Edward Flaherty, From Revolution to Reconstruction. See also Andrew Jackson and the Bankwar, by Tony D'Urso.

Aaron Burr

The Burr Conspiracy, from The American Experience: The Duel, official site.

The Aaron Burr Trial, from the Annals of Congress, Senate, 10th Congress, 1st Session from American Memory (Library of Congress).

Biography of Burr edited by Alexander Valentine, from From Revolution to Reconstruction.

Subpoena served on Thomas Jefferson to testify at Aaron Burr's trial for treason, 13 June 1807. (Aaron Burr Papers)

As treasury secretary

Department of the Treasury goes through his career, particularly at the Treasury.

Christian Constitutional Society

Web Archive: "Politics of Righteousness: Christian Political Movements in the Early 19th Century" by Roger Schultz for Contra Mundum ("Against the World"), 1992.


Hamilton was gay. Essay by Tom Sullivan, relying on nothing more than some effusive letters.

The Alexander Hamilton Post 448 (American Legion) "the only post whose membership is predominantly Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered honorably discharged veterans." Their Why Alexander Hamilton? page quotes the same letter.


Image of Hamilton's Obituary from the Balance and Columbian Repository of Hudson, New York. From

Hamilton's legacy and image

Web Archive: "A Founding Father's return to grace: In the '90s, Hamilton is up; Jefferson is down" by Richard Brookhiser from U.S. News Online.

The Rise and Fall of Alexander Hamilton by Ian Finseth has an excellent four-part essay on Hamilton's image through time.

Important places

Grave of Alexander Hamilton (Trinity Churchyard, Manhattan) from "Find A Grave."

Hamilton Grange National Memorial. National Parks Service Official Site. See also "Manhattan Sites Reopens Hamilton Grange"

The Alexander Hamilton Museum, Nevis. Unofficial page. No photos as of yet.

"Governor Pataki Law Preserving Alexander Hamilton's Home" Press Release, October 8, 1999.

Web Archive: The Schuyler-Hamilton Museum, Morristown, NJ.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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