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Web Biographies

Substantial biographies | Pocket biographies

Substantial biographies

The Rise and Fall of Alexander Hamilton by Ian Finseth. An excellent biography of about 6,500 words (20 pages), to which is appended a slightly shorter essay on his "image through time" (also excellent). Contains a few hyperlinked documents.

A Biography of Alexander Hamilton by Lisa Marie DeCarolis, for From Revolution to Reconstruction, a project at the University of Groningen, Holland.

Pocket biographies

Wikipedia: Excellent short biography. Wikipedia is an "open source" encyclopedia. Anyone can edit it, anytime. Surprisingly, it works. The real strength here is the hyperlinking.

A fine short biography by Ralph Ketcham for the American Revolution Homepage, a residence of information on many topics. A number of pocket biographies are collected on the Founding Fathers page.

New York Founding Fathers with a long bio on Hamilton. Also includes John Lansing and Robert Yates.

National Archives biography from the excellent James Madison: His Legacy, a very comprehensive site from James Madison University.

"Historic Valley Forge: Who Served Here?" brief biography of Hamilton.

Pocket biography of Aaron Burr, from The American Experience: The Duel, official site.

Web Archive: Outline biography of Burr from Steven Schoenherr's American Civilization class at the University of San Diego. Includes high-resolution Burr painting.

Biography from "Left-Justified" (who have an edition of the Federalist Papers). To call Hamilton the most ardent "nationalist" of his day is a little off--anyway it needs explanation. Somebody might think he was an American Firster.

1856 Pocket biography from James V. Marshall's The United States Manual of Biography and History

Web Archive: New York Delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Pocket biographies of Hamilton, John Lansing, Jr. and Robert Yates from the National Archives and Records Administration. A complete list of the participants is also available.

The World Turned Upside Down (Revolution Book and Page) pocket bio.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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