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Uniforms of the Great War

a Collection of Uniforms from War Time Books and Magazines


In the many multi-volumed histories of the Great War that were published either in serial form during the war or afterwards, it was almost traditional that lavish color plates were included of the uniforms of the combattants. Naturally one's own side and nationality were over-emphasized, but even so the collections could at times be quite a colorful array of illustrations, featuring exotic and seldom seen uniforms. That these displays bore little relation to sartorial reality on the battlefield was of scant consequence. The drawings were colorful, patriotic and inspiring.

Here follow several of such collections of uniforms from 'La Guerre du Droit' (a multi-volume French history), 'Le Panorama de la Guerre' and 'L'Illustration' (both newsmagazines) as well as a small collection of advertisements of firms specialized in making uniforms of impeccable cut and taste for the well-to-do officer and gentleman.

In order to do justice to the graphic qualities of these illustrations, sometimes only one moderately large-sized file has been placed per page. Consequently it may take a while for such a page to open.


'La Guerre du Droit'
France 1
France 2
Belgium / USA
Great Britain / Portugal
Russia / Italy
Roumania / Balkan Allies / Japan
Central Powers
'Panorama de la Guerre'
France 1
France 2
France 3
France 4
France 5
France 6
Great Britain
Russian 1
Russian 2
Germany 1
Germany 2
3 Drawings by Georges Scott
4 Drawings by 2nd Lieutenant Jean Droit
Balkan Soldiers
Advertisments 01
Advertisments 02
Advertisments 03
Advertisments 04
Advertisments 05
'Illustrierte Weltkriegeschronik'
German Uniforms
Austrian Uniforms
French Uniforms
British Uniforms
Russian Uniforms
'Illustrierte Weltkriegeschronik'
Allied Uniforms
Naive Uniform Illustrations by Guy Arnoux
Page 01
Page 02
Color Photos
1911 New Uniform Proposal
'la Guerre Documentée'
Page 01
Page 02
Page 03
Page 04
Page 05
Page 06
'Un Héros de 15 Ans'
Page 01
Page 02
Page 03
Page 04
Page 05
Page 06
Page 07
Page 08

Coiffures et Jambières (Belgian Army Uniforms - text in French)

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