Double-Page Illustrations from
'le Panorama de la Guerre'


from a French Serial History Magazine

several covers of 'Panorama de la Guerre'


'Le Panorama de la Guerre' was a French serial history publication. Weekly issues contained a number of articles, running commentary and numerous photographs and illustrations regarding events of the war. The better quality serial publications, such as for instance the German 'Der Krieg im Wort und Bild', 'Illustrierte Weltkriegskronik' and 'Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges' all featured color illustrations with their weekly issues, sometimes in double-page spreads suitable for framing. 'Panorama de la Guerre' could not do any less and in most isues, especially during the first years of the war, this French publication included many colorful and striking watercolors, paintings and illustrations. Many were original artworks commissioned for 'Panorama de la Guerre' by artists such as Paul Thiriat. Later in the war, the magazinepurchased illustrations from other sources and resorted to printing in sepias and two-tone.

Below are a number of examples of such two-page specials taken from early war year issues of 'Panorama de la Guerre'.


an episode from the battle of the Marne - Storming the Chateau de Vermelles
watercolor by Galien-Laloue


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