'the War of the Nations'


a Distinguished British Magazine


'The War of the Nations' was published by Newnes Publishing. Newne's Illustrated was another of their titles, but 'the War of the Nations' was somewhat more upscale and expensive. Not only was the printing quality far better, but this magazine was lavishly illustrated with large-sized photographs and illustrations. It also contained extensive text articles, the most prominent being that of a continuous history of the Great War. In the first issues this was done by William le Queux, a notorious scare mongerer of pre-war fame. He had been predicting a general war for many years, coming up with one fanciful scenario after the other. Since his dire predictions had apparently finally come to pass, it was thought that it would be appropriate for him to take a hand in recording what he had been warning about all this time.

Aftwerwards this serial history was taken over by Edgar Wallace, a well known author who would later, win fame and reknown as a murder/mystery writer. His war-time history published in 'the War of the Nations' does make for engrossing and atmospheric reading, for he not only states the facts more or less accuraltely within the parameters of required patriotism and novelistic licence, he also knows how to tell an action-packed story with vivid descriptions of the battlefield.

*see full page scans on The Siege of Antwerp / The Great Russian Retreat - the Loss of Lemberg'


left : a binding cover
right : an early coverpage



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