Newnes Illustrated


a British Weekly Newsmagazine

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'Newnes Illustrated' was a weekly British magazine dedicated to war news, sold by Newnes. The first editions were printed in early 1915, making this a relatively late-comer in the market of morale-building war magazines. As with many such cheaply printed magazines, it was more of a patriotically inspired morale booster than a strictly informative publication. 'Newnes Illustrated' featured a preponderance of illustrative material, both photographs and drawings, the latter being very comic-bookish in style, almost juvenile in their depiction of fighting and warfare. The magazine also contained a considerable number of cartoons and caricatures, information on the theater and actresses, cheerful photos of Tommies in and behind the front-lines as well as some text articles and poetry.


left : a night-time raid on enemy trenches
right : a very unrealistic scrap between British and German soldiers



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