'The Great War'


Pages from a British Serial History Magazine

a scene in the city during the flight of the population from Antwerp
from an on-the-spot sketch by British was correspondent H.C.Seppings-Wright / Seppings-Wright 2



'The Great War' was a British serial history magazine published by the Amalgamated Press Ltd. Each week an issue appeared devoted to war news, usually upon a single theme or important happening. Two late 1914 issues were devoted to the siege and fall of Antwerp, an indicator of just how important, newsworthy and dramatic the events were considered to be to the British public. To give an idea of how the magazine looked and what people saw, we have here a collection of several integral pages from 'The Great War'. Aside from a few commissioned illustrations, most of the photographs were the standard views distributed by newsagencies and sold worldwide.

The integral text of the accompanying article can be found at this link 'The Great War'


Arrival of British Naval Brigade Troops / In the Trenches at Lierre


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