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Links: Web sites 

Below follows a listing of links to interesting web sites. In many cases I have made direct links to the most relevant pages on the On-line references links page. 

  • 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment Association

  • The Home Page for the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment Association, the legendary Kangaroos of WW2. They are the men who manned the world's first tracked armoured personnel carriers. It was a concept successful beyond anyone's wildest dreams, and proved critical in attaining Final Victory.


  • George Bradford is the editor and web master of The AFV Association's web site AFV NEWS. It is among the very best to be found out there. The list of contents has links to affiliated sites, and I have chosen a layout that fits in nicely. Also try the AFV News Discussion Group.

  • Armour Archive 

  • Trevor Larkum keeps track of preserved AFVs around the world. His findings are published in a series of comprehensive books.

  • Canadian Tracks

  • Don Dingwall's site has a high (Canadian) Sherman content.

  • Documentatiegroep '40-'45

  • Web site of the "Documentation Group '40-'45", an association of Dutch collectors of who publish information about every conceivable aspect of World War II.

  • Heavy Metal Gallery 

  • Douglas Greville's site contains numerous useful notes about owning armour, and also shows some of the M3 Mediums that survive down under. 

  • Maple Leaf Up! 

  • Geoff Winnington-Ball's huge site is dedicated to the military vehicles and equipment of the Canadian Army Overseas in WW2. 

  • MVPA

  • The Military Vehicle Preservation Association's site.


  • Tired of that old power pack in your Sherman? Buy a retrofit package! Believe it or not, today some companies still suport the good ole Sherman. When Mexico modified some of their Sherman tanks into engineering recovery tractors in 1998, the upgrade packages were supplied by NAPCO.

  • Olive-Drab 

  • Possibly your best starting point on the internet if you are looking for information about military vehicles in the broadest sense of the word.

  • Sentinel

  • John Myszka's site is dedicated to the research and modelling of Australian and Israeli military vehicles.

  • Sherman Builders

  • Rusty Bates shows us the next best thing to a real one: a 1:8 scale Sherman.

  • Steel Chariots 

  • Another excellent site with lots of information about Canadian armour and units is Chris Johnson's site. 

  • The Sherman Experience Tapes

  • Ken Hall of Hall Graphics published The Sherman Experience Tapes, an audiobook containing interviews with British Sherman tank crew veterans of World War II. With two 80-minute cassettes, The Sherman Experience Tapes explores the stories of some of these veterans of the British Armoured Corps, helping to illustrate not only their experiences in combat, but also the lessons they learned about their humanity along the way. Check the site for details on availability.

  • Claus Bonnesen's home page (previously known as On Armour) has some good armour profiles on the M10 3in. GMC and M10 17pdr. SP Gun. Also have a look at the page on battle damaged tanks.