Clark Thread Company

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1895 Map of the East Newark / Kearny Clark Thread Mills
Train line dissecting picture runs along the East Newark / Kearny boundary

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Historical Overview

Building Erection Chronology

1884 East Newark Facilities

Coats & Clark Web Site

Paisley, Scotland

Mr. Thomas Coats

Job Descriptions News

1890 Chimney Repair

1947 Move South

1998 Newark Fire


1920's Photo of Clark Auditorium, Newark

1999 Photo of South end of East Newark Building

1895 Aerial Depiction of Clark Facilities in Newark


Clark Thread Company Historic District
900 Passaic Avenue
East Newark, New Jersey 07029

The Clark Thread Company Historic District
encompasses the following areas:

East Newark Industrial Center
First Republic Industrial Center

The Primary Certification Status is 'Listed In The National Register.' 
The architectural design was provided by unknown sources.
The architectural style is not listed.
Listed as a National Landmark.
This site is under private ownership.


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