1884 Description of the East Newark Facilities

Clark Thread Works. -- The southern section of Kearny, touching Harrison, is ornamented with the great thread manufactories of the Clark Brothers.  Next to Harrison is the Clark Mile-End Spool-Cotton Company, organized in 1883, with Thomas Russell, Robert W. Ferguson, and William Russell & Company as incorporators.  George S. Lings is superintendent of the spinning-mill.  The spooling-mill was built in 1874, and the spinning-mill in 1882.  The firm employs from seven-hundred to eight-hundred hands.  The officers are William Clark, president; W.R. Ferguson, vice-president; and Thomas Russell, secretary and treasurer.  This firm has agencies in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco.

Clark Thread Company. -- The next factory or mill to be found adjacent to the one already described is the surprise and wonder of residents and visitors, on account of the huge proportions of the buildings and the great area of ground occupied by them.  They are the Clark Thread Company O.N.T. Thread-Works.  The parent buildings of this company's mills, both of Newark and East Newark, are the Anchor Mills, at Paisley, Scotland, where more persons are employed than at Harrison and Newark together, and it must be recollected there are two-thousand, three-hundred persons employed in the Newark works.  The company was organized May 2, 1865, and chartered April 17th of the same year.  The first directors and officers were: President, Henry Sanger; Vice-President, Lewis Coleman; Treasurer; George A. Clark; Secretary, Alexander Clark; Directors, Henry Sanger, Lewis Coleman, George A. Clark, Charles H. Ludington, Isaac T. Burr, William D. Jones, Alexander Clark, Thomas Barbour, and Henry J. Davis.  The works were built in 1865, 1875, and 1881.  They contain engines possessing a total of three-thousand, five-hundred horse-power, and the number of persons employed is about two-thousand.  The present directors and officers: President, John Clark; Treasurer, William Clark; Secretary, Robert B. Symington; Director, William Clark; Superintendent, Robert Cumming.

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