1946 NJ Industrial Directory

CLARK THREAD CO., cotton threads: sewing, crocheting, embroidering, knitting and darning; silk threads: sewing, wool, knitting, crocheting,  embroidering and mending.

Clark and Ogden Streets, Newark

President John B. Clark
Vice President & General Manager Frederick W. Thomas
Treasurer J. Bains Jr.
Purchasing Agent Carl Neuer
Plant Manager O.Sherman Yale
Employees 523 male, 1,265 female
Phone Humboldt 2-2690

Branch: Lakewood Terrace, Bloomfield

Plant Manager John S. Savage
Employees 120 male, 76 female


1949 NJ Industrial Directory

CLARK THREAD CO., ONT   spool cotton, crochet & embroidery cotton,  silk & synthetic fiber threads, also threads for manufacturing trades.   

264 Ogden Street, Newark
President J.B. Clark
Vice Presidents F.W. Thomas
F.B. Hutton
Allyn J. Morse
Treasurer J. Bains, Jr.
Secretary J.C. Weeks
Selling Agents The Spool Cotton Co., New York
Mills Bloomfield, NJ
Clarkdale, GA
Pelham, GA
Thomasville, GA
Albany, GA
Acworth, GA
Research Facilities Newark, NJ

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