Story : The story from the preparation to the end at Bastogne, the special operations ...

: Sorry, but it's in French because this chat is a contribution of 4 sites in French, but we understand English too.

News of the week
:  Archive Pics (15 changed every week), Sell and search page, links. (update every Saturday)

Testimonies : Many persons have lived the offensive. See what they tell. Town and village classification

:  A tour of museums  you can see today in the Ardennes (with more than 100 pics, map and alphabetical order)

:  Also a tour of the vestiges (tanks, guns, plane ...)  you can see today ( a lot of pics, map, alphabetical order)

Memorials : And a tour of military  memorials (many pics, map and alphabetical order)

: Also a tour of military  cemeteries (many pics, map and alphabetical order)

:  I'm desesperently searching it for years ! Help me ! (But it's certainly too heavy for postmail :-)  )

:  What's CRIBA and how join them.

Who am I ?
:  Who am I and from where ? Why have I done this site ...

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