Following a mail of Mr. Robert Britte, I am happy to present here the CRIBA to you (Research center and Information on the Battle of the Ardennes) and whose members meet once per month.
The members of this association have many contacts with veterans U.S. and when some of those come in« pilgrimage »in  Belgium, in fact the CRIBA deals of their accompaniment and logistics of the many monuments, vestiges, cemeteries... to visit.
The German veterans are not forgotten, but the request is less.

With regard to the meetings, they take place all second Tuesday of the month towards 19H30 in Liege.
The purpose of these meetings are of the exchanges of ideas, information, impression in connection with books, items of press (note: I hope that one speaks there also web sites, like that, one will perhaps speak about the « Battle of the Bulge 44 »
;) )

For those which would have no possibility to go to the meetings, it is however possible to become member by pouring a thin contribution of 500 BFRS (600 BFRS for the members out of Belgium).
This contribution will enable you to receive a brochure of information and a monthly review comprising of the items in connection with the Battle of the Ardennes.

Good, me, I do not tell any more. If  you're interrested (it is my case), I invite you to visit the site of the CRIBA thanks to the link below.