I'm searching ...

I am actively with the search of the following purposes:

1 : Every photo about BoB.

I know a lot of GI's have taken photos during or just after Battle of the Bulge.
Having idea of making a book about BoB, I'm searching EVERY photo even the smalest one. It seems for me most interesting than those officialy taken.

2 : Every testimony about BoB

On January 2001, I received a testimony e-mailed by Frank Warner. It was so beautifull I deceided to put it in my web-site (you can see it in a good place in the testimonies).
If you've some story to tell me (as a veteran or veteran's wife, son or daughter thanks to e-mail me it.

3 :  C  towing hooks

These hooks went per pair on the sides of the Panther. Since the civil ones, after the engagements, recovered what they could, either to resell it at the price of metal, or to make use of it in their turn, these hooks being certainly useful, for example in a farm, I am certain that there is still a multitude but that the people who have them do not know from where they can come. If you have some and that that is not useful to you, be nice to make me a proposal. THANK YOU.

4 : Track Link

This, although less rare (at least in the number manufactured) is undoubtedly more difficult to find since it is the kind of purpose which is not useful, and which must certainly be recovered for the resale at the foundries. However, if you have some and that you want to please to me, do not hesitate to contact me and make me a proposal (honest :))

5 : Brake Gun

Also rare (even perhaps more) that C towing hook, a brake gun would please truly to me. These brakes were easy to dismount since they were simply screwed at the end of the gun.
A little proposal???

6 : Any purpose or part of tracked vehicles German or American

My preference going to the German half-tracked vehicles. I do not have large hope to find much on this level but the hope to find, would be this only one headlight, a wheel, an indicator of change of management, push me to include this request here.


Contact :

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