From: Jean Davidson, kinfauns
To: Charles B. Baxley, cbbaxley
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 7:10 PM
Subject: Re: 71st Regiment at Camden 16 Aug 1780

I have done some quick checks at the PRO earlier this week on the 3 regiments. In order to identify the correct companies I had to check whether regimental histories identified any information for 16 August 1780 and found that they all did.

Using this tried to identify the most likely companies at the Battle of Camden from Captain's names and individuals listed as killed.

Now have copies of the 71st Regiment in my hands. There are three 'groups'of Muster Rolls for 1783

  1. - one group of 11 companies plus Grenadier Company signed at Twelve Apostles Battery, Island of Jamaica,15 August 1783 where the captain of one company, Lt Col Archibald Campbell was also the Governor of Jamaica (and Earl of Balcarres as Lt Col Commandant)- about 90% of names listed as still prisoners of war, surviving names, about 50 in total - equivalent to one company, serving in Jamaica

  2. - group of about 400 men returned to Scotland, appear to be all of 2nd battalion, one company a vacant company, one disbanded at Cupar in Fife (15-20 miles south east of Perth) and remaining companies disbanded at Perth. Musters signed by Earl of Balcarres, their Colonel, and by the Provost and a Baillie of the Town Council.

  3. - last group which I have photocopied: covers period 25 June 1778 to 24 June 1783 on each Muster Rolls for 10 companies. Many listed died (of fevers in S Carolina?), regimental history identifies 8 killed at Camden on 16 Aug 1780. Have found 8 names identified as killed in 1780. The surviving effective men total about 300 - assumed all these companies were at Camden. Will send these but someone needs to check say Captain's names to check if ALL these companies were at Camden.

Found a substantial regimental history for 33rd regiment, which identifies 17 rank & file killed. Found musters with 17 names against date of 16 August. Later musters identify most of these companies became prisoners of war, two with no deaths or prisoners of war so will not copy these two. Ordered the rest to be copied, for period 25 June to 24 December 1780. Will take to weeks as on A2 size paper - special order.

Found small regimental history of 23rd regiment with a few notes on Camden, with 6 rank and file killed. The muster rolls are currently being photocopied for someone else and I will not get access until next week, but they do exist for 1780. These will take a further two weeks to copy onto A2 paper as a special order.

Could not find any Muster Rolls for Royal Artillery although they exist for a later period.

Checked very quickly in PRO library and a useful index book of very old records on correspondence for Camden/August 1780 in North America. As I suspected there is a HUGE volume of correspondence from the War Office, Colonial Office, Treasury, Master of the Ordnance, etc. Exceptional luck in also finding an book on published extracts. Have photocopied a letter from Lt Gen Earl Cornwallis to Lord George Germain, dated 21 August 1780 for you giving his personal account of the battle at Camden - from the Colonial Office papers.

Meanwhile as it is clear that the muster rolls will not be photocopied and posted to you for a few weeks, have sent 3 attachments on my brief research - necessary to identify the correct muster rolls and will be useful to ensure you make a good case for funding for research cost in the UK.

I have not checked any of the Journals at the National Army Museum or any other materials such as personal diaries or regimental histories. I have used one article from this source already, for my own research, which is on all the Scottish regiments recruited or expanded for the 1776-83 war in North America. This article summarises movements of regiments and companies to various places of action including South Carolina. Will check and photocopy per the instructions below.

I trust this information meets your needs.

Jean Davidson

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