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History of the Thirty-Third Foot

By Albert Lee, Jarrold & Sons Ltd, The Empire Press, Norwich. 1922

(reference no. 356.109.41 (33rd))


Chapter XIII The Campaigns in South Carolina, pages 120-125

-         order of battle at Camden, 16 August 1780 identified

-         went into action with the Lt Col, 5 captains, 4 lieutenants, 2 ensigns, 1 adjutant, 1 surgeon’s mate, 13 sergeants, 1 drummer and 209 rank & file

-         losses of 33rd regiment heavier than any other regiment engaged

-         33rd regiment lost: Captain Allan Malcolm, 17 rank & file killed,

wounded: Lt Col James Webster (slightly), Capt Richard Cotton (later died Sept 1780), Lieuts George Wynyard and James Leigh Harvey, Ensign John Wheeler Collington, 4 sergeants and 72 rank & file, plus one man missing


Note: Muster Rolls for 33rd Regiment at PRO, reference WO 12 4803/1

for period 25 June 1780 to 24 December 1780  identify 17 names of rank & file killed

on 16 August 1780


Earl Cornwallis’s Company                     Cpl Lawrence Cottrill

                                                            Pte James Harrison


Frederick Cornwallis’ Company            Pte Hance Blacke

                                                            Pte Isaac Hanson


Allan Malcome’s Company                     Pte Edward Conway

(also died 16 Aug 1780)                   Pte John Burger


Maj William Dancey’s Company            Pte John Price


Lt Col James Wester’s Company            Pte Thomas Shakeshaft       

(died Apr 1781)                           Pte John Sutcliff

                                                            Pte Jonas Hanson

                                                            Pte Edward Holland


James Campbell’s Company                     Pte Adam Beavis

                                                            Pte Thomas Bailey

                                                            Pte William Haywood

                                                            Pte Edward Marchant


John Manley’s Company                     Pte William Renton

                                                            Pte William Suttle


Also Note: in future periods, these companies had large numbers of prisoners of war

The following two companies had no names of soldiers killed or prisoners of war:

Capt John Kerr’s Company and Capt Hildebrand Oakes’ Company

(Therefore these two companies have not been photocopied)