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History of the Twenty-Third Regiment, or The Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1689-1850

By Richard Cannon,   Parker, Furnival & Parker, London.  1847

(reference no. 356.109.41 (23rd))


Pages 104-106  South Carolina and Action at Camden, includes:

- The 23rd had 6 rank & file killed, Captain James Drury and 17 rank & file wounded


Note: Muster Rolls at PRO, reference WO 12 3960 for 23rd Foot, period 1774-1785





Documents of the American Revolution 1770-1783 (Colonial Office Series), Volume XVIII, Transcripts for 1780

Edited by K G Davies,  Irish University Press, Dublin.  1978

(reference no. Am 43.1)


Examples of entries around 16 August 1780, relating to Battle of Camden:


CO 5/176 folio 23:

letter from Governor Josiah Martin to Lord George Germain, 18 August, Camden


CO/5/183 folio 57:

letter from Lt Gen Earl Cornwallis to Lord George Germain, 20 August, Camden


CO 5/183 folio 67:

Letter from Earl Cornwallis to Lord George Germain, 21 August, Camden

(last item, copied for reference)




Cassell’s Biographical Dictionary of the American War of Independence 1763-83

By Mark M Boatner

(reference no. Am 42.9)


From page 159: Camden Campaign (including map)

- two small battalions of 5 companies of the 71st Regiment of Highlanders in action










Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783 in the British Museum, in Minor London Archives and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge

By Charles M Andrews & Frances G Davenport, Carnegie Institute, Washington 1908

(reference no. 20.3)


Extract from Index:

Page 455 – Carolina (lists all references and locations of documents)



-         British Museum books and documents now in a separate new ‘British Library’ at Euston in London

-         ‘Minor London Archives’, includes the Guildhall Library of the Corporation of London





Sketches of The Character, Manners and Present State of the Highlanders of Scotland; with Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments

By Colonel David Stewart, 

Second Edition by John Donald Publishers Ltd, Edinburgh  1977

(reference no. 86.002)


Volume II, pages 43-80: 71st Fraser’s Highlanders


Page 67: 71st regiment lost Lieut Archibald Campbell and 8 soldiers killed, also Capt Hugh Campbell and Lieut John Grant, 2 sergeants and 30 privates wounded.


Note: 1822 First Edition copies of Volumes I and II in the Rare Books department at the British Library and cannot be photocopied although notes can be extracted)