OLYMPIA in action! 

This image is of the Cruiser OLYMPIA in action at the Battle of Manila Bay, May 1, 1898.  The photo would have been taken during the second phase of the battle, when the outcome was already assured. The photographer would have been on the BALTIMORE, which, at this point was leading the line of battle.

Some experts consider this photo to be fake. At the very least, it is heavily retouched. It would seem unlikely that it is entirely fraudulent since some items should in the photo were not commonly known at the time. Still, the view appears skewed.

Several items are of interest in the photo. First, from the aim of the forward eight inch guns, and the group of officers and crewmen on the navigation bridge, Cavite, must be off to the left of the photo. The officer on the far right is apparently Commodore George Dewey, since he appears to be wearing a golf cap instead of a regulation hat (Dewey was unable to locate his regulation hat and opted for the unusual headgear). Also, the observation post was built over top of the forward conning tower is clearly visible. On the observation post is apparently Lieutenant Calwell, the vessel's navigator.



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