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We are pleased to announce the publication of "The Manchurian War 1904-1905", the new Journal of the Russo-Japanese War Research Society! Our stated purpose for this journal is to offer to our members and the general public a single source for rare materials, discussion, and new research on the first major conflict of the Twentieth Century. Each volume/issue will offer articles on selected topics and areas addressing various aspects of the war. Two formats will be used. The first is a bound booklet, professionally styled and printed, providing text, tables, pictures, and smaller charts. The second is a CD that will provide, when required, oversized materials that exceeds our booklet size. This journal will be offered on a variable schedule announced on the Russo-Japanese War Research Society website. The schedule itself will be determined based on member interest, research materials, and the available time of our contributors.

Our first offering is a two-volume (8-issue) set commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Russo-Japanese War. Each issue of this initial series will provide a chronological overview of the naval and military aspects of the war during a three-month period beginning in February 1904. The release dates for each issue will be the 100th Year anniversary of the period covered. The articles contained within will provide a narrative of the events of the war, supported by orders of battles, maps, and period photographs. A minimum of two CDs will be issued with this set to accommodate the larger maps and other materials included in this first offering, many of which are large format from the numerous official histories. One goal of the contributors was to research and compared all available sources to create the most complete set of orders of battle that you will find anywhere! We believe the first results of this research in will make "The Manchurian War" a 'must-have' source for students of this conflict. If you ever wondered who commanded HIJM Chitose or the composition of the Russian Mixed Infantry Brigade, this is the journal for you. With information gathered from the rare and antiquarian books, Official Accounts, and current research of our members, this journal aims to deliver all those hard to find facts for a price that most of us can live with. Individual issues of this set will be released quarterly beginning February 2004 and will run through August 2005.

So, order "The Manchurian War 1904-1905" today and start collecting the finest historical journal on the Russo-Japanese War anywhere! Subscriptions are by publication volume (four issues), with subscribers receiving all issues of that volume. Subscriptions are $40.00 for both domestic and foreign orders.