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54 Anti-Tank Battery

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Formed at Papakura on 2 September 1942 from artillery units returned from Fiji, from officers newly posted to the Third Division, and NCOs and other ranks from the old 14th Brigade Anti-tank Troop. Initially the unit used twelve 2-pounders but later, in New Caledonia, were issued with 6-pounders. The battery was under the command of the 8th Brigade.

Original Commander: Capt RM Foreman
Original Battery Captain: Capt JP Cooney
Original Second-Lieutenants: DH Steer, WDG Wilcox, RN Wilson, JC Bennett, HR Black, MF LePine, H Muller, JF Scarrott.
54 A-Tk Bty logo

Original Composition:

  • Battery HQ
  • E Troop (later under command 36th Bn)
  • F Troop (later under command 29th Bn)
  • G Troop (later under command 34th Bn)

Original strength: 131 all ranks


  • Guadalcanal
  • Treasury Islands

Ref: "2 NZEF IP"