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38 Field Regiment

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Formed 12 April 1943 at Papakura from soldiers from 45 different units. Equipped with 25-pr guns. Sailed for New Caledonia mid-year and saw action in the Treasuries Islands, near Bougainville.

Original Commander: LtCol GR Powles
Original 2IC: Maj AD Morris
Original Adjutant: Capt HM James
Intelligence Officer: Lt B deC Thomson
Original Composition (underwent much reorganisation of personnel later):

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • 49th Bty    Commander: Maj DO Watson
  • 50th Bty    Commander: Maj S Menzies
  • 52nd Bty    Commander: Maj RF Spragg
  • 42 LAD
  • Divisional Signals section


  • Treasuries Islands

The Regiment was disbanded after 18 months.

Ref: "2 NZEF IP"