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17 Field Regiment

Return to WW2 artillery

Formed 2 September 1942 from 35 Battery, 37 Battery and the medium artillery units that had recently returned from Fiji.

Original Commander: LtCol HWD Blake
Original 2IC: Maj WA Bryden
Original composition:

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • 12 Bty   Commander: Maj RVM Wylde-Browne
    • Battery HQ
    • A Troop
    • B Troop
  • 35 Bty   Commander: Maj NWM Hawkins
    • Battery HQ
    • C Troop
    • D Troop
  • 37 Bty   Commander: Capt DO Watson
    • Battery HQ
    • E Troop
    • F Troop
  • 20 LAD
  • E section signals

Independent Troop left for Norfolk Island in October 1942, days before the arrival of 12 Battery. The Regiment left New Zealand Dec 1942 aboard the American transport, West Point, for New Caledonia.

Main engagements:

  • Guadalcanal
  • Vella Lavella
  • Green Island (Nissan)

When 17 Fd Regt left the Pacific in July 1944, most of its men were reassigned and went to Italy with the 14th and 15th Reinforcements. The Regiment ceased to exist with the end of the war.

Ref: "2 NZEF IP"