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144 Independent Battery

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Formed 1 September 1942. Equipped with 3.7-in howitzers, firing a 19-lb shell with a maximum range of 6500-yds. Very mobile, the guns were modified pack guns with pneumatic tyres.

Original Commander: Maj LJ Fahey
Original Battery Captain: Capt JG Warrington
Original Battery Sergeant Major: J (Slim) Cumming
Other officers: Lieutenants JGR Morley, JEG Maxwell, Second Lieutenants TMV Bain, IH Broun, OC Cleal, TF Morton, JW Hart, JW Jordan.
Gun sergeants: A Bell, NP Boland, A McEvoy, JE Norman, WG Nolan, AW Robinson, SJ Wade.
Original Composition:

  • A Troop (TSM: BC Pussell)
  • B Troop (TSM: FJ Murray)

The battery left for New Caledonia at the end of December 1942 where it stayed for eight months before leaving for the Solomons.


  • Nissan

Ref: "2 NZEF IP"