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Blenkinsopp's Cannon

"In 1832 one 18 pound carronade ship's gun was traded by Captain John Blenkinsopp for the Wairau Plain. The deed of sale was signed by Captain Blenkinsopp and Ngati Toa Chief Te Rauparaha who signed with the lines of his moko (facial tattoo).

"Te Rauparaha, who was unable to read English, believed he was sealing the right for Blenkinsopp to take wood and water from the Wairau. On his return to Kapiti the Chief had the deed read to him. On learning he had signed away sovereignty to the Wairau, Te Rauparaha burned his copy of the deed and returned the cannon to its rightful owner - whaler Jacky Guard of Kakapo Bay Port Underwood."
- accompanying plaque

Photographs courtesy Tony Tustin
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