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Zuni Tribe
Native Americans - American Indians, The First People of America


Pueblo (1985 pop. 7,754), McKinley co., W N.Mex., in the Zuni Reservation; built c.1695. Its inhabitants are Pueblo of the Zunian linguistic family. They are a sedentary people, who farm irrigated land and are noted for basketry, pottery, turquoise jewelry, and weaving. The original seven Zuni villages are usually identified with the mythical Seven Cities of Cibola, which were publicized by Marcos de Niza. In 1540, Francisco V�squez de Coronado attacked the villages, thinking that they had vast stores of gold. The villages were abandoned in the Pueblo revolt of 1680. The present pueblo was built on the site of one of the original seven villages. See Aileen Nusbaum, The Seven Cities of Cibola (1926); The Zunis: Self-Portrayals, by the Zuni People (tr. by Alvina Guam, 1972).

A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center  - http://www.nmculture.org/cgi-bin/showInst.pl?InstID=AISH
Hours, location, a calendar of events, and contact information.

A:shiwi Elementary School  - http://www.zuni.k12.nm.us/aes/ashiwi.html
Homepage of this Zuni school with an online student newspaper and school projects. Dowa Yalanne Elementary School  - http://www.zuni.k12.nm.us/dy/default.html
Homepage of this Zuni Pueblo school includes staff and contact information.

The Berdache Tradition  - http://www.breakaway.org/openstudio/sylviawhite/bertrad.htm
Discussion of the Zuni "lhamana," a ritualized transgender role, with a short biography of the famous lhamana We'wha. The Inn At Halona  - http://www.halona.com
Tribally licensed inn that is also an outlet for Zuni arts and crafts.

The Native American Hidden Ball Game  - http://www.bluemountain.com/eng/nativeamer/cushing3.html
Description of a game played by the Zuni, made in 1883 by Frank Hamilton, an ethnologist from the Smithsonian.

The Zuni Man-Woman  - http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Stonewall/3044/zunibook.html
The story of We'wha, a Zuni lhamana (man raised as a woman) from the 19th century. Zuni  - http://www.curtis-collection.com/tribe%20data/zuni.html
Ethnography of this American Indian tribe by E.S. Curtis, with sepia photographs.

Zuni  - http://kokopelliusa.com/zuni/zuni.html
Brief history of the Zuni, with an emphasis on their jewelry and fetish art. Zuni and Hopi Kachinas  - http://mn.essortment.com/hopizunikachin_rjpe.htm
Brief article on the sacred figures of these two tribes. Will pop up more windows when you try to leave.

Zuni Fetish Art  - http://members.aol.com/zuniart/
From a merchant sales site, a description of Zuni fetish carvings with a virtual gallery. Pieces identified by artist.

Zuni High School  - http://zuni.k12.nm.us/
Homepage of this New Mexico school, with student and teacher information. Zuni Middle School  - http://www.zuni.k12.nm.us/zms/index11.html
Homepage features student and teacher information and online student projects about the pueblo.

Zuni Tribe  - http://wiwi.essortment.com/zuniindianwher_rieu.htm
Article by PageWise. Will open more windows when you try to leave. Zu�i People  - http://encarta.msn.com/find/Concise.asp?ti=04D30000
Encyclopedia article from MSN Encarta.