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The Royal Proclamation - 1763

Quebec Act -1774

Constitution Acts from 1867-1993

A Brief Introduction to Aboriginal Law in Canada

Indian Act

Treaty of 1693

Eastern Peace and Friendship - 1725

Articles of Agreement - 1725

Casco Bay Articles - 1727

Ratification at Annapolis Royal - 1728

Chebucto Harbour Ratification, 1749

Letter of Governor Hopson - Dec. 1752

Proclamation of 1761

Letter of Jonathan Belcher - Halifax, N.S. (1762)

Nova Scotia Proclamation - 1762

Provisional Treaty, Penetanguishene - 1795 (Ont)

The Selkirk Treaty - 1817

Robinson Huron Treaty - 1850

Robinson Superior Treaty -1850

The Douglas Treaties (BC)

The Manitoulin Treaty - 1862

Treaties One and Two

Treaty Three

Treaty Four

Treaty Five

Treaty Six

Treaty Seven

Treaty Eight

Treaty Nine

Treaty Ten

Treaty Eleven

Chippewa Treaty - 1923 (Ont)

Mississauga Treaty - 1923

Map of Treaty Areas

Researching Oral Tradition

Cree-Naskapi Settlement

Cree-Naskapi Commission

Gwichin Settlement

Sahtu Dene & Mtis Settlement

Nunavut Implementation Commission

Nisga'a Treaty and