Native American Resources
Native American Resources

American Indian Tribal Directory - U.S. Federally Recognized Tribes.

American Indian Tribal/Nation Home Pages - The University of Oklahoma Law
Center lists sites on Indian Tribal affairs with annotated links to Native
American home pages.

Chero's Teepee - Native American Links/Art

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Indian Territory, Warm Springs - Named "Notable" by YAHOO! Internet Life,
this multiple-award-winning site celebrates the beauty and strength of
Native American cultures, with information on tribes, history, treaties,
culture, music,activist issues, science, and NASA's first Native American

NATIVE - Native American Tribes: Information Virtually Everywhere

NAtive American Indian Resources - Site has 300+ web pages of Native
American resource materials, original publications and organized links.
Includes Reservation/Indian country maps, original Native literature, Native
ar, herbal tradition, schools, and viewpoints.

Native American Sites - Gateway - 300+ web pages of Native American resource
materials, original publications and organized links. Reservation/Indian
country maps; original Native literature, Native art.

Spring Rain 2's Native American Web Page - A place where mixed blood Native
Americans can go to find the information they may need about their tribes
culture,heritage,language,foods, clothing,crafts etc. There are even links
to state recognized tribes for them to contact.

The Indigenous Circle - The ultimate source for finding Native American
information on the World Wide Web.

A Positive Light - Code Talkers, America's Secret Weapon - The Marines might
never have taken Iwo Jima and World War II might have ended differently
without the indecipherable language of the Navajo Code Talkers.

AIRPI home page - The American Indian Research and Policy Institute provides
government leaders, policy makers and the public with accurate information
about the legal and political history of American Indian nations, and the
contemporary situation for American Indians. By providing knowledge and
education, we hope to foster better-informed and culturally-sensitive
responses to the challenges of American Indian life.

Blue Wolf's Abenaki Indian Home Page - Sharing my Abenaki tribal heritage
with many Abenaki links including other Native American sites, Genealogy,
Wolves, Arts & Crafts and a variety of links to interesting places.

I Welcome You... - There are many, many Native/American Indian/Indian sites
out here in cyberspace...the one you are about to enter is not intended to
amuse or be chatty. What is intended is that you be provided raw, pertinent,
foundational data as regards the State of Native America. It is not intended
that this be a "pleasant" experience as we have many enemies.

Index of Native American Genealogy - Another index by Hanksville that
contains an extensive list of possible research sites to find your
ancestors. Native American orientation.

Indian Gal's Yurok Page - The History of the Yurok Indians

Looking Back - Brief histories of the indigenous people of the world; their
lifestyles and cultures. An on-going project.

Native American Genealogy - Great Site with lots of historical information.

Native American Healing - Free online guide covers the history of native
American herbal remedies and how to use them today.

Native American heritage - FREE Native American Heritage Multimedia VidBook
describes Indian genealogy from tribal membership to Dawes Rolls to
benefits. Filled with 25 pages of informative text, illustrative photos and
streaming video.

Native American Heritage - Free Online Native American Heritage VidBook
offers tips for tracing your Native American heritage.

New Mexico's Pueblo Indians - New Mexico's Pueblos. History, News Items,
Links, Pictures by San Juan/Hopi.

On This Date in North American Indian History - 3,000+ historical events,
tribal name meanings, alternate names, Indian moon names, and over 6000
links to other sites

Pueblo Pottery of the Southwest - The diversity of pueblo peoples and the
continuation of centuries-old cultural traditions is examined in this
exhibition of beautifully made and painted pottery vessels and figures from
12 pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona.

The American Indian in Tennessee - Traces the last 15,000 years of Native
American occupation of Tennessee, using artifacts from the McClung Museum's
extensive collections. Includes the Duck River Cache, considered the
greatest find in Tennessee archaeology, dating from the Late Mississippian
period (ca. AD 1450).

The Cherokee Indians - This bicentennial tribute to the Cherokee Indians and
Native Americans provides a brief overview of the Cherokee Indians from the
perspective of their being Tennessee's original citizens.

The Native American Adventure - Netscape 3.0 test site for the American
Indian Heritage Foundation's world famous Native American site. With
JavaScript, VRML, OpenFire and the Discovery Engine.

The Native American History Archive - A New Center for Native American
Studies in Internetworked Classrooms.

Town Creek Indian Mound - Information and historic site resources for the
Pee Dee Culture at Town Creek, a regional expression of South Appalachian
Mississippian Tradition, A.D. 1200-1400.

Honor Our Neighbors Origins and Rights (HONOR) - HONOR's Native American
Support and Resource Information Center grew out of desire that Native
Americans be treated with respect and "Honor" in terms of United States law,
treaties, the courts and the constitution.

Midwest Treaty Network - an alliance of Indian and non-Indian community
groups that support the sovereign rights of Native American nations. While
founded in the context of the Chippewa (Ojibwe) treaty struggle, it is
concerned generally with defending and strengthening Native cultures and
nationhood, protecting Mother Earth, and fighting racism and other forms of
domination throughout our region (midwestern United States).

Native American Documents Project - A demonstration project showing a way in
which documents about the history of federal policy concerning native
peoples might be more readily available.

Office of Tribal Justice - The Office of Tribal Justice has ensured
communication by serving as a permanent point of contact between the
Department of Justice and federally recognized Indian tribes.

The American Indian Page

Understanding the Nisga'a Treaty - First treaty between Canadian government
and the Nisga'a Native Americans concerning sovereignty and governance of
native lands.

A Mask for Halloween - A Native American story - suitable for adults and
children - awarded "Second Place - Short Story" by the Society of
Southwestern Authors.

Cloud Dreamer's Vision Quest - Native American stories and poetry.

Open Directory - Arts: Literature: Mythology: Native American - Stories and
Folklore (Directory Link)

Howling Point 1 - Chatroom for Native Americans and others who have an
interest in wolves.

Alaska Native Heritage Center - Experience Native Alaska culture and
traditions at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

American Indian Studies Research Institute

Brain-Box Digital Archives - Curriculum materials for teachers online and in
CD-ROM format realting to the Ojibwe language.

Center for Native American Studies - NMU

Department of Native American Studies, UC Davis

Health, economcis, Chat rooms, Native Matchmaking, Native Encylopedia .etc
Promoting culture..

HSU: Native American Studies Program

Institute of American Indian Studies, University of South Dakota - American
Indian students, organizations, and studies program at the University of
South Dakota

Native American Studies

Native American Studies

Native American Studies At Dartmouth College

Native American Studies Department

Native American Studies HomePage

PCC Libraries: Native American Studies - Internet Resources in Native
American Studies

UA American Indian Studies Programs Main Page - No description

University College: American Indian Studies - This program offers an
interdisciplinary approach to the variety of beliefs and practices within
American Indian communities and focuses on the current vitality and
continuous development of the Indian people. University College is committed
to securing American Indian instructors whenever possible.

UNM Native American Studies

Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage - Iroquois Language & Songs

Place names in Native American languages - Original native forms of places
in the Americas, from the site GeoNative

Tsalagi to English Syllabulary - A fairly extensive listing of Tsalagi words
and their English translations.

American Indian Graduate Center:Financial help for Graduate School - AIGC
was established in 1969 to assist American Indian college graduates who
wanted to continue their education at master's, doctorate & professional
degree levels & needed financial support.

American Indian Science & Engineering Society (A.I.S.E.S.)

Little Feather Interpretive Center - Native American owned and run Indian
Center, where education is our main goal. Features information on the sacred
pipestone and a cultural awareness program.

Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network (GLRAIN) - The GLRAIN project
goal is to assist Native people with acquiring telecommunications
technology. The GLRAIN staff provide technical assistance for Internet
connectivity; develop training programs, and help Native communities
leverage resources.

MIGIZI Communications, Inc. - MIGIZI Communications is a non-profit
organization providing services to the American Indian community. Our
mission is to provide information to the public, educate elementary,
secondary and adult students using the tools of communication, and commit
resources to address problems in partnership with the American Indian

NAPE Aboriginal Links - An Indigenous Peoples Web Directory - A Canadian
based Aboriginal directory consisting of links to many of the fine Native,
Aboriginal and Indigenous sites found on the world wide web. A great
Internet starting point for your site searching or browsing needs. - Updated

New England Powwow Schedule - Schedule of powwows and other events in the
New England area and beyond. Current to end of 1999.

Noah's News, American Indian Pow Wows, Festivals and Events - Comprehensive
web site with Pow Wows, Festivals, and Events listed by month. Also includes
American Indian Personal Home Pages. Updated frequently.

Pow Wow Calendar - Schedule includes California, the Dakotas, Minnesota, New
Mexico and other western states.

Red Earth, Inc - Red Earth, Inc. is an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit
organization whose mission is to promote, preserve, and promulgate the rich
traditions of American Indian history and cultures. .

Southwestern Powwow Schedule - Calendar of Powwows, particulariy Oklahoma
and other western states.

The Gathering of Nations - No description

Whispering Wind Magazine's Powwow Listings - Up-to-date Powwow listings
online. Includes mostly central and western state powwows. Listed by dates.

Blackhawk's Path - Blackhawk's journey through the many faces of life in his
walk on the Good Red Road. Poems, stories and teachings are shared from his
heart. Your thoughts and contributions are valued here.

Shenandoah Film Productions - Indian Owned distributor of over 150 Native
American videos covering 15 catagories of subjest matter. Shenandoah is also
a 16mm film/video production company with over 22 years experience working
with tribes, government agencies, and TV networks throughout the USA.

Bright Owl's Nest - Bright Owl's Nest is a site of exploration. A collection
of knowledge and shared experiences of spiritual growth from a woman still
creating her own path.

Indian Gal's Yurok Page - My home page about the Yurok Indians Redwoods N.
Calif. My Heritage

Wind Eagle - Information on Totem Animals and some moon/star lore.

California's Indian News - Native American newspaper from California with
news articles, job listings, events calendar, and an extensive California
and US powwow directory.

National Native American EMS Association - Newsletter serving The Nations
Native American Emergency Medical Professionals (First Responders, EMT's,
Nurses, Physicians)

Native American newspaper - Independent Native American newspaper operating
to expose corruption and demand accountability from tribal, state and
federal government entities.

Native Circle Newsletter - Discover Indian teachings, traditions, crafts,
music and current cultural issues through our newsletter.

NativeLaw News Digest - Daily law news update from mainstream and American
Indian media.

Noah's News, American Indian News and Resource Center - On-line magazine
includes numerous sections - all American Indian - News, Legends,
Organizations, Tribal Home Pages, Education, Artists and Craftsmen, Pow Wows
and Events, Genealogy, Book Store, Recipes, and much more! Thousands of

The Gentle Survivalist - Native and Creator-centered news and views. Deep
thinking Alter-Native holistic approaches to survival. Editor, like many of
her Native family, is caught between two worlds. Born white, yet adopted by
the grandfathers and taught the red road, Laura Martin-Buhler denounces the
selling of spirituality by both new agers and fake medicine men. Teachings
of prophets, grandfathers and wise earthkeepers written to confound
curiosity seekers.

The Native American Village - An 'ezine and job resource site for and by
Native Americans. Articles focus on history, education, politics,
employment, and analysis of news. Submissions welcomed.

The RedRoad - We are a Native American Cultural Magazine featuring some
wonderful artists, regional gatherings, news, opinions and much more!

Tuscarora Native Peoples News - A Native American newsletter distributed by
Trader Don. On this site you will find the latest copy of, Tuscarora Native
Peoples News along with a complete archive of all back issues.

Whispering Wind Magazine - A bi-monthly magazine featuring crafts, culture,
powwows, and history of the American Indian.

Wotanging Ikche -- Native American News - A Native American newsletter
distributed by Gary Night Owl. Here on this site you will find the latest
copy of Wotanging Ikche, along with a complete archive of all back issues.

Adobe Gallery - Adobe Gallery, located in Albuquerque's Old Town, features
the highest quality southwest Native American art and antiquities available
on the market today. The focus of the gallery is 19th and 20th Century
pueblo pottery, but we also carry Navajo textiles, Hopi Kachina dolls,
Southwest Indian basketry, old pawn jewelry, paintings, and more!

Alaska Arts and Souvenirs, Native Handmade gifts - Alaska Arts and Souvenirs
is a treasure for handmade goods from traditional Native American Alaskan
Eskimos, Alaskan Tsimpshean, Yupik, and Northwest Coastal Indians.

American Indian Art - Martha Hopkins Struever presents Native American art
including Hopi katsinas, pueblo pottery, navajo rugs, turquoise, inlay
jewelry and other exceptional pieces. Site also offers information on
seminars, appraisals, and exhibitions.

American Native Art Gallery: A Place of Art & Spirit - Native American Art
with a Message! Selling Prints, Printed T-Shirts and Note Cards

Ancient Arts Gallery - Native American and Pre Columbian Art.

Bampton - Greene Galleries - An eclectic collection of Pre-Colombian, Native
American and Tribal Art from both North and South America. Unique pieces
range from an early Nicoya jaguar pot, circa 500 - 800 C.E., to works by
contemporary artists.

Black Horse Arts/Native American Folk Art - Native American Folk Art
composed of Black Horse Arts with links to other artists and interests.
Poetry, prose, and short stories.

Chrisjohn Family Art and Fine Craft - An Iroquois family offers crafts in
bone, antler, wood, bark, stone, beads, corn husk, leather, feathers, clay
and more. Each item includes related cultural information.

Decorating with Native American Art - Decorating tips on use of Native
American artifacts and other southwest and western accessories for your
interior design that will give you a Santa Fe style home using suggestions
on how to display the items you place in you home decor.

Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Artists and Craftsmen - Galleries of leading
Native New Mexican artists and craftsmen, including Best of Show winners at
the 1999 Eightnorthern Indian Pueblos Arts and Crafts show. Micaceous clay
potters of New Mexico. Coverage of the Arts and Crafts Show held this July
at the San Juan Pueblo near Santa Fe.

Gallup New Mexico Convention & Visitors Bereau - Historic Gallupl features
authentic Indian arts and crafts through pawn trading posts, and also is the
perfect touring gub to the southwest.

Long Ago and Far Away - Canadian Inuit Sculpture and Native Alaskan Art from
an established Vermont Gallery. We represent collector-quality Fine Native
Art and Jewelry from across North America.

Michael D. Kerr, Ethnographic and Folk Arts - Served the collecting
community for over 25 yrs. It offers the finest museum quality objects from
Africa , the Americas , the Oceanic region, and 19th and 20th century
American Folk Art. We have represented some of the finest historic North
American Indian objects in the country ,placing many in museum collection
both nationally and internationally.

Native American Indian Art - information and examples of beadwork, pottery,
basketry, regalia and other art forms. links to galleries

NativeTech: Native American Technology & Art - Topically organized
educational Internet resource that offers detailed historical and
instructional information about Native American art, technology, and crafts
of the Eastern Woodlands region.

Old Town Gallery - Located on historic Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona, we
represent some of the finest Southwestern Native American painters. The
gallery also carries a collection of handcrafted jewelry, kachinas, and

Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts - The Penfield Company began in the 1880's
as a general mercantile company in Lincoln County, NM. The original store
has since been made into a state museum but the Penfield tradition has
continued since 1975 at their store in Albuquerque's Old Town where the
finest available Indian arts and crafts are sold.

Sawols - A catalog of the art from Indigenous Groups of California - Sawol
contains information on the art, culture, history, and creation stories from
the Indigenous Groups of California. The following groups will be included:
Pomo, Hupa, Miwok, Tongva, Yurok, Karuk, Maidu, Ajachmem and Ohlone

Singing Feather of the Tsalagi Tribe - Poetry, legends and photo's, all
associated with the Tsalagi tribe. Maintained and changed frequently with
new works of Singing Feather.

Traditional Tarascan Native Santo, Retablos,Altars, and Angels by New Mexico
folk-artist, Armando Lopez - Armando Lopez, a Tarascan Native living in
Abiquiu, New Mexico, offers his Traditional Tribal Retablos, Santos, Altars,
and Angels for public viewing or purchase

Whirlwind Studios - Native American Art Gallery of Brigitte Peters Lopez.
Hand painted feathers and color art originals. Beautiful artistry, plus
carved Native American flutes.

Wichol Cultural Community - We are a genuine and registered non profit
organization of wichol artists commited to disseminate our philosophy around
the globe, looking forward to share with everybody around our ritual
offerings without intermediaries whatsoever

Zuni Art - Website for collectors of Zuni Fetishes. Lots of information
about Zuni People and their Art. Many photos of Zuni Fetishes with extensive
descriptions of each piece.

American Indian Craft Supplies - Craft supplies including seed beads, kits,
jingle cones, moccasins, patterns, Pendleton blankets, dreamcatchers,
sweetgrass, sage, mandellas and more.

Firelight Books and Gifts - Offers books on Native American culture,
history, language,and genealogy, along with music and crafts.

Hutash Arts - Featuring hand-made dreamcatchers, suncatchers, mandellas,
beaded feathers, and shields.

Listing of Online Galleries and Artist Exhibits - This site has hundreds of
links to Native America Galleries and Exhibits.

Medicine Shield Bookstore - Specializing in Native American cultural,
spiritual and historical books and music.

Native Circle - Store features dreamcatchers, soaps, herbs, tea, mandelas
and medicine bags. Site also contains historical information, current
issues, music, photos and a newsletter.

Osage Trading Company - Online catalog for secure ordering of Pendleton
Native American blankets.

Southwestern Indian Pueblo Pottery - Museum quality traditional and
contemporary Pueblo pottery handcrafted by Pam Lujan-Hauer, a Native of Taos

The Dream Catcher - Gallery and store featuring dream catchers, pottery,
Christmas ornaments, sand paintings, kachinas, and other items of Native
American art. Crafts from many peoples are represented.

The Ravendancer Gallery - Selling Native American & Southwestern art and

The Shaman's Way - An online catalog of authentic Native American
collectibles including handcrafted items from various peoples.

Trapline Lodges - We are manufacturers of canvas tipis primarily in the
Sioux style. We also stock Lodgepole Pine tipi poles and native regalia.
Located in western Montana.

Winona's Native American Art - Offers paintings on leather and canvas,
western crafts, wildlife and western art.

Written Heritage American Indian books & videos - Stocks over 400 book
titles and over 30 video titles on American Indian subjects; crafts,
material culture, music, dance, tribal history, religion, and stories.

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Texas

Grey Dog Trading Company - We bring fine Native American arts and crafts to
our customers. We specialize in the art of the Native southwestern peoples.
Whether you are looking for Hopi katsina dolls (kachina dolls), Zuni
fetishes and carvings, Pueblo and Navajo pottery, Navajo weavings, Navajo
and Pueblo jewelry, Navajo sandpaintings or Navajo metal sculpture, we carry
some of the finest work by today's top artists.

Native Investment & Trade Association (NITA) - Canada - Aboriginal,
non-profit association independent of any core government funding.

Abiinooji Aki - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment from a Native American
point of view. Located in Northwestern Wisconsin on the Lac Courte Orielles
Reservation. We approach drug abuse from an AA perspective using traditional
spritual methods.

American Indian Community House

White Wolf's Medicine Page - Native American Medicine and Crafts

American Indian Higher Education Consortium

Bay Mills Community College - Welcome to Bay Mills Community College and Bay
Mills Nishnaabek Kinomaadewin College On-Line.

Blackfeet Community College

College of the Menominee Nation

D-Q University

Din College

Dull Knife Memorial College

Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College - The Fond du Lac Tribal and
Community College Homepage: an overview of academic programs, campus life,
resources, news and events, with extensive links to other web sites
including Ojibwe Language and Culture and Native American Indian Resources.

Fort Belknap College

Fort Peck Community College

Haskell Indian Nations University

Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development
- IAIA is a national Native American fine arts college in Santa Fe, New
Mexico. It is dedicated solely to the study and practice of American Indian
and Alaska Native arts and culture.

Little Big Horn College

Little Hoop Community College

Little Priest Tribal College

Oglala Lakota College

Salish Kootenai College

Sinte Gleska University

Sisseton Wahpeton Community College

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute - A National Indian Community
College located in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stone Child College

Turtle Mountain Community College

United Tribes Technical College


Assembly of First Nations - English page of North American Indigenous
Peoples (Also in French)

Indianz.Com - Your Internet Resource - Indianz.Com is a news, information,
and entertainment portal for all things Native American.

Native American Home Pages - Nations - List of nations.

Native Americans @ Buffalo Trails is a Native American owned company -
Native Americans @ Buffalo Trails is a Native American owned company. We
have authentic Native American products - Free Native American music

Peoples of Mexico and Central America - Links and features articles for the
indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America. From the Aztec, Huichol,
and Maya, to the Raramuri, Toltec, Tlahuica, and more.

The American Cherokee Bear Band of Louisiana - history and information of
the Cherokee tribe

Blue Wolf - Abenaki links including Native American, Genealogy, Wolves, Arts
& Crafts.

Ne-Do-Ba - The Abenaki of Western Maine - Ne-Do-Ba is a nonprofit,
established to explore the history and culture of the Abenaki Indian in
Western Maine.

Steve Miller's Abenaki Genealogy Page

Traditional Abenaki of Mazipskwik & Related Bands

Juaneno Band of Mission Indians - The Acjachemem Nation with traditional
tribal lands in various parts of Southern California.

Sipapu--The Anasazi Emergence into the Cyber World - Sipapu is a Web site
dedicated to the study of the prehistoric Anasazi of the southwestern United
States. In addition to information on the prehistory of this fascinating
cultural tradition, there are also interactive reconstructions of their
architecture. For serious researchers, Sipapu offers a variety of online
research papers, as well as searchable databases on Anasazi sites and
bibliographic references.

Fort Apache Indian Reservation - A photographer's personal view of Fort
Apache Indian Reservation, The White Mountain Apache Tribe, Apache and
Native American culture with unique photos of the Apache puberty rite for

Four Corners Postcard - Origin, history, ceremonies, religion, culture,
arts, and crafts of navajo, hopi, jicarilla apache, and ute tribes of four
corners. Paintings by Mark Silversmith, navajo artist and Native American
artist of the year 1986.

Through Apache Eyes....PurpleHawk's Nest - Apache Indian facts on their
life, culture, history, folklore, war, warriors. Child Safe for educational

White Mountain Apache Tribe - Culture, history, government, etc.

Geronimo's Mightiest Battle

Geronimo, His own story

Blackfoot/Blackfeet Nation

The Caddo Indian Tribe Of Oklahoma - tribal history, facts, programs, and
live chat.

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation - Cayuse, Umatilla
and Walla Walla Tribes in Oregon.

Cherokee & Proud - Cherokee and genealogy related information.

Cherokee Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide - with downloadable font.

Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston - a non-profit social organization with
a mission to preserve heritage, culture and build for the future. A monthly
email newsletter is sent to all visitors.

Cherokee Genealogy Page - A Cherokee genealogy site meant to be a starting
point for anyone searching their Cherokee roots.

Cherokee Indian Ancestry - U.S. Department of the Interior On The Web.
Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Cherokee Plus - vacation information, Native American artists, and Cherokee

Cherokee Removal Forts - Starting the Trail of Tears - Before the start of
the Trail of Tears the Cherokee were forced to live in what were known at
the time as 'Cherokee Removal Forts'.

History of the Cherokee - Cherokee History, Images, Maps, and Links.

North Georgia's Cherokee Indians - History of the Cherokee. The Native
American culture in North Georgia.

Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory

Official Cherokee Nation - the federally recognized government of the
Cherokee people, the second largest Indian tribe in the United States.

Southern Cherokee Nation - Our Association.

The Cherokee Nation - The Cherokees called themselves the Ani-Yun' wiya
meaning leading or principal people. The original Cherokees lived early
times in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and
West Virginia.

The Cherokee Observer - 1998 - Cherokee Observer, Founded in 1992, we are
the only independent cherokee newspaper.

The Northern Cherokee Nation of Missouri and Arkansas - No description

James Vann - Mixed-blood Cherokee who was one of the richest men in the
Western Hemisphere in the early 1800's

Major Ridge - Cherokee chief, led Lighthorse Patrol and signed the Treaty of
New Echota.

Sequoyah (a.k.a George Gist) - Crippled from birth, this warrior created the
Cherokee syllabary known as the "Talking Leaves"

Cheyenne Genealogy Research

Cheyenne Language Web Site - Information about the Cheyenne language

Eagle Wing: A Northern Cheyenne Website - includes a brief look at Cheyenne
history and the events leading up to their present situation on the Northern
Cheyenne Indian Reservation of Montana.

Tse-tsehese-staestse (Cheyenne) Literature

Bushyhead, Jerome

Chief Black Kettle - Few biographical details are known about the Southern
Cheyenne chief Black Kettle, but his repeated efforts to secure a peace with
honor for his people, despite broken promises and attacks on his own life,
speak of him as a great leader with an almost unique vision of the
possiblity for coexistence between white society and the culture of the

Chickasaw Genealogy and History - various surnames plus links to Native
American resources.

Chickasaw Historical Research Page - including copies of old letters,
documents, treaties, and marriage records.

Official Web Site of the Chickasaw Nation - Official Site of the Chickasaw
Nation, your primary source of information, history, and current government,
events and programs.

Red Lake Nation - The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians represent the four
villages of the Red Lake Reservation, Little Rock, Red Lake, Redby and

White Earth Band of Chippewa - White Earth, Minnesota, Ojibwe Reservation.

Choctaw Museum of the Southern Indian

Choctaw Nation Home Page

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Official Home Page

Choctaws For Democracy, Inc. - non-profit organization with a mission to
restore a democratic process to the tribal government of the Choctaw Nation
of Oklahoma and protect the civil rights of tribal members.

Kristi's Choctaw Pages - with links of interest to Choctaw and other Native
American peoples.

Mutual Help Homes - Articles on the Choctaw Homebuyers Advantage Program
(CHAP) and the Housing Preservation Program

Other Voices - A salute to my people, The Choctaw, and to other ancient

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

TRAIL OF TEARS - Trail of Tears - Dedicated to the Choctaw Nation of
Oklahoma. This is not a Native American site -- IT IS INDIAN ... We are NOT
PC here.

A site on the Chumash culture - Information about the Chumash culture,
religion, events they do today and other things.

Chumash Indian Interpretive Center, Thousand Oaks - enhancing the public's
awareness and understanding of the Chumash People native to Ventura County,
both historically and culturally through a visual, verbal and hands-on

Chumash Nation - Information on the chumash people, gatherings and their

Numuukahni/Comanche Lodge - history, genealogy, stories, message board, chat
room, virtual museum. Safe for kids.

MCNNET - Muscogee (Creek) Nation health network page

The Creek Nation - Native American Indians in North Georgia - Creek Indians
controlled much of North Georgia before 1755 and remained in the area until
1827. This overview highlights the culture and history of these Native

Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians - Lenape (Delaware) Tribe of Indians
Homepage: Federal Recognition Again, FAQ's, Social Dances, Lenape Football
Game, Mens Clothing, Womens Clothing, Humor.

Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians: Homepage - Lenape (Delaware) Tribe of
Indians Homepage: Federal Recognition Again, FAQ's, Social Dances, Lenape
Football Game, Mens Clothing, Womens Clothing, Humor.

Delaware Indian Tribe of Western Oklahoma

Thunder Mountain Lenap Nation - We are a nation of Lenap families either
by ancestry or adoption currently living in Pennsylvania and Ohio. We have
ties with other Lenap/Delaware people, such as the Eastern Delaware Nation,
the Wyomink Shukuney Mawemin, and the Big Horn Lenap Nation, with whom we
come together for ceremony, learning, and enjoyment.

Erie - The people which lived on the southern shore of Lake Erie beginning
near Buffalo, New York and then west to the vicinity of Sandusky, Ohio.

Moundbuilders - North Georgia's early inhabitants - The Mississippian
culture flourished from 800AD. This is the story of the Moundbuilders of
North Georgia and the most intact site of their culture in the east, the
Etowah Indian Mounds.

Haida: Children of Eagle and Raven - Ethnographic information on the Haida
Nation on British Columbia, Canada's Queen Charlotte Islands. Includes
history, art, and sacred mythology.


A Visit with the Hisatsinom (Anasazi) and the Hohokam Peoples - Two of the
greatest cultures of the ancient world lived in your backyard. Are you ready
to explore?

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