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Navajo Boy

Navajo Medicine Man

Navajo Code Talkers During World War II

The Best Online Navajoland Tourist Guide!
This site provides news, services, a chatroom, a message board, and e-cards.

Explore the Navajo Nation
Learn about the Navajo people, their past and present, with interesting
overviews of all facets of their lives on the Navajoland they call home. The
great images are enlargeable with a click on the text links.

FAQs about Life on the Navajo Nation
You'll find an index listing the 200+ plus questions and answers which are
spread out over three sections. The final set of questions, amazingly
enough, is interspersed with many questions about the Mormon Church.
Nevertheless, the Navajo information is quite good.

Navajo is a member of the Athabascan family of the Den group of languages.
It is considered to be closely related to Apache. Other than a sample (76K
in .au format) there is nothing at this site to recommend it.

Navajo: Chronology
This is more a political timeline than an historical one. Check out the link
about "the fence" to see text and photos. "Ten thousand Navajo and 100 Hopi
found themselves on the wrong side of a fence. Congress ordered them to

Navajo-Hopi Land Commission Papers
11 papers are presented here concerning the land dispute between the Navajo
and Hopi Nations. This is a Fourth World Documentation Project site.

Dine CARE Citizens Against Ruining our Environment - http://dinecare.indigenousnative.org/
Articles, news, and links from this all-Navajo environmental organization based within the Navajo homeland.

Dine Culture - http://www.nmcn.org/features/dinecurricula/index.html
Curriculum framework for teachers, including 11 units dealing with oral traditions and Dine history. In Adobe Acrobat format.

Legends in Sand - http://www.americana.net/sandptest.html
Article explores the history and modern impact of Navajo sandpainting as both religious expression and art. Includes a bibliography.

Navajo Blanket Weavings - http://www.americana.net/weaving.html
Provides a history of Navajo weaving with information on different types and methods used.

Navajo Central - http://www.navajocentral.org
Unofficial website featuring attractions, native guide services, a Navajo font, FAQ, and links. Long load.

Navajo Fact Sheet - http://www.ausbcomp.com/redman/navajo.htm
Basic information about history, customs, religion, current living conditions, and the outrage over sheep cloning. Links.

Navajo Nation Homepage - http://www.navajo.org/nnhomepg.html
Official homepage of the largest Indian tribe in the United States includes cultural, political, historical, archaeological, and educational material.

Navajo Sandpaintings - http://msms.essortment.com/navajosandpaint_rjrl.htm
Brief article on this religious art form by Essortment.

Packrat's Navajo Links Page - http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Museum/9083/navaho.html
Links to Navajo-related websites, including books, education, tourism, and reference sites.

The Long Walk of the Navajo - http://www.logoi.com/notes/long_walk.html
The infamous emigration of Navajo Indians by the US government from their homeland.

The Navajo Creation Story - http://www.lapahie.com/Creation.html
Recounting of this traditional Din myth.

Din Dictionary used by The Navajo Code Talkers - http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq61-4.htm
E-text of 15 June 1945 revision. Includes the Marine Corps Hymn in Din.

Navajo Code Talkers of WWII - http://ks.essortment.com/navajocodetalk_rjxq.htm
Brief article about the secret weapon of the United States Marine Corps against the Japanese--the Navajo Code Talkers and their undecipherable Din language.