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Montagnais Aboriginal peoples of Labrador. Their dialects were almost identical, and their customs so clearly alike that the two peoples were hardly distinguishable. The Montagnais covered their conical wigwams with birch bark and hunted principally moose during the winter months, moving down the rivers in the spring to spear salmon and eels, and to harpoon seals along the shores of the St. Lawrence. The Naskapi covered their wigwams with caribou skin and hunted caribou from midsummer until early spring, when some of them moved down the coast, like the Montagnais, while others remained inland to fish in various lakes and rivers and to hunt hares, porcupines, and other small game. Contact with Europeans was disastrous to both peoples, leading to a precipitous population decline, the disappearance of cooperative hunting on communally exploited territory, and the emergence of an economy based on private property, fur-trapping, and commercial exchange.

Aboriginal Peoples: The Innu  - http://www.heritage.nf.ca/aboriginal/innu.html
Historical and cultural information about the Innu people of Labrador.

Cree-Naskapi Commission  - http://ppp.atreide.net/cnc/
Government body of the Cree and Naskapi peoples of Quebec.

Innu Terminology  - http://nativenet.uthscsa.edu/archive/nl/9501/0103.html
Explanation of the distinctions between the terms "Naskapi," "Montagnais," and "Innu."

Kawawachikamach Naskapi  - http://www.indianlife.org/reserves/quebec/pro_pq39.htm
Information about this Naskapi community near the Labrador-Quebec border.

Mashteuiatsh Montagnais  - http://www.cepn-fnec.com/communautes/pages/anglais/mashteuiatsh.html
Community page for this Quebec band of Innu.

Montagnais  - http://www.nativetrail.com/en/first_peoples/montagnais.html
Demographic and societal information about the Montagnais Innu of Quebec.

Montagnais and Naskapi  - http://www.civilization.ca/membrs/fph/stones/groups/mont.htm
Map of Montagnais and Naskapi territory, with some basic information about these First Nations peoples.

Montagnais Innu  - http://www.geocities.com/bigorrin/mont.htm
Information and links about the Montagnais Innu language, culture, history, and genealogy.

Montagnais, Naskapi, and Attikamekw  - http://www.dickshovel.com/mon.html
Tribal history of these three related First Nations of Canada.

Naskapis  - http://www.nativetrail.com/en/first_peoples/naskapis.html
Overview of the Naskapi people of Quebec, their land and language.

The Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat  - http://www.innu.ca/
This official website represents two of the three Innu organizations, the Innu Nation and Mamit Innuat (the third is Mamuitun). Information on history, culture, political situation, land rights, women's issues, and more.