Mission Indians
Mission Indians Native Americans of S and central California; so called because they were under the jurisdiction of some 21 Spanish missions that were established between 1769 and 1823. The major groups were the Chumash, Costanoan, Diegueo, Gabrielino, Juaneo, and Luiseo. The first mission was established at San Diego. The native population was taught and forced to work at agriculture. The land and the herds of sheep were theoretically owned by the Native Americans themselves, but were held in trust by the Franciscan fathers. They live on reservations in California.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Mission Indians  -
Article from the New Advent Catholics overviewing the Mission Indian tribes of California, with particular emphasis on the history of the missions and complete omission of the system of serfdom implemented by the Franciscans.

Mission Indians  -
Encyclopedia article overviewing the Mission Indians.

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A student paper exploring Juaneno creation mythology.

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The Acjachemem Nation with traditional tribal lands in various parts of Southern California.

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Online archives in PDF format, also with related links and contact information.

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Article detailing the Luiseno use of plants and animals.

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Informational and historic resource site pertaining to San Diego's Barona Band of Mission Indians.

The Barona Band of Mission Indians  -
Official homepage of the Southern California tribe, with community and government information, a brief history, and the tribal newsletter.

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History, culture, and news from this band of Cahuilla Indians.

Dieguenos  -
Excerpts from "The North American Indian" by Es Curtis. Includes basic information about the tribe, including language, location, dress, dwellings and religion.

Dieguenos Literature  -
Legends including a creation story, "Impiety of Frog", and "Fly at the Council".

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Official homepage has information about the tribe's history, current events, and gaming.

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Homepage of this band of "Mission Indians" of Northern Los Angeles County features history and links.

Gabrielino Heritage May Be Proven With DNA Samples  -
Article about Gabrielino scientific efforts to prove an unearthed burial site contains their ancestors which should be repatriated to them.

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Official homepage of the Tongva or Gabrielino Indians. With community and environmental information, news, links, and a page about native dance.