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Makah Native North Americans who in the early 19th cent. inhabited Cape Flattery, NW Wash. According to Lewis and Clark they then numbered some 2,000. The Makah are the southernmost of the Wakashan branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock, being the only member of the Wakashan group within the United States. Makah culture was fundamentally that of the Pacific Northwest Coast area. In 1855 they ceded all their lands to the United States except a small area on Cape Flattery that was set aside as a reservation. Today they live on Makah Reservation; their main tribal income is from forestry.

Makah Nation  - http://www.makah.com/
Official homepage with government and cultural information, also with a special FAQ about whaling.

Olympic Peninsula: Makah  - http://www.northolympic.com/makah/index.html
Information and tourism fact sheet on the tribe from the Olympic Peninsula website.